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"...carving deep blue ripples in the tissues of your mind..."

So, whenever I mentioned Prof.N.'s involvement in the work insanity, people's sympathy seriously went up a level.  This actually annoyed me 'cause she wasn't being especially bad.  Anyway, she seems to have gotten the hotel thing sorted and doesn't seem to be holding it against me.

I fully expected to fail today's Joyce quiz (though I got an 8/10 on last week's) but actually aced it.  And a couple days ago I started getting ideas for what could actually be my final paper, so my plan is to seriously work on that this weekend (along with my Secret Slasha fic, which I also have some clues for, though I need to do a minimum of research).

Joyce class tonight was not unenjoyable.  Highlight: On p. 488 (Gabler edition) Private Carr says, "I'll wring the neck of any fucking bastard says a word agasint my bleeding fucking king."  The prof said that the king at the time was in fact a womanizer... and a hemophiliac.  Awesome.

Tonight I am going to catch up on comments/flist because I can.  [Edit: Okay, catch up a bit anyway.  I'm coming down with something, so I think early-to-bed is a good idea. /edit]

Oh, and the St. James potluck is tomorrow (6:30)!  Damn, I'm never gonna get a chance to call Ian back.

Edit: LJ has switched me to Horizon.  Dunno if this is happening on a mass level, but just in case: reminder that one goes here to change it.
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