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"Peace out, cub scout." -Katie

Today I just felt really tired -- both physically and mentally -- and Prof.B. is sick so there was rescheduling, and just yeah, tired.

Rich mentioned making plans for all of us to go out for a drink after work next week.

I ended up staying until about 5:30 and offered to have dinner with Katie, but she was wrangling with AirCanada, so around 6pm I absconded.

Reading the flist reminded me that it was the first night of Hanukkah, which didn't actually function to improve my mood any but did remind me that I was supposed to be observing Advent, which I appreciated.
As Greg was getting ready to leave, he said he had to pick up sufganiot, and both Katie and I initially thought that was a person's name.  I said I knew hamantaschen but not that one.  He said (in this impressed tone) that I pronounced it perfectly.  He said he's not actually big on hamantaschen; the one time I had it was from Ruhi and it was so good.

I had one of my mom's sherry cookies this afternoon and just inhaled and oh the memories (they're the roll-out cookie-cutter cookies).  I forget sometimes how powerfully the sense of smell is linked to memory.

I was highly undecided as to whether taking Nicole's offer of Australian Pink Floyd was a good idea.  ("I'm sure I can pawn off the other ticket somewhere if you hate Classic Rock... but I thought I'd ask you first.")  I really just wanted to go home and update LJ and go to bed early, but I almost always have a good time with them, I know from experience how hard it is to pawn off tickets even to awesome stuff, and I wasn't feeling likely to go to Silent Night of the Lambs so this would be my one "event" for the weekend.

Abbreviated version of the story of getting there:
Take the 66 to where it intersects with the B Line (on Harvard Ave. -- but not the stop that says "Harvard Avenue" -- right before the Uno).  From there it's an easy walk.  The Arena's the one right next to the Boston Playwrights Theatre where a lot of Queer Soup stuff is.

On the way, we passed Brown Sugar Cafe, which Nicole says supposedly has the best Thai food in the area (she's never been, 'cause she's never out on the B Line).  I'm always coming from the other direction, so I just eat at Qdoba, but walking down Comm. Ave. there are lots of places to eat.  After the concert we went to Sunset Grill (Alyssa and Cailin are big fans) and I wasn't hungry but ordered a Sex on the Beach just because.  I got carded for the first time in ages.  (Nicole pointed out that we're right next to a college.)  We departed about 12:20, so we got a taxi.  From Harvard to Davis seemed remarkably short; I've gotta learn how to walk from Harvard to Davis (It's been "on the list" for quite some time).

Anyway, I know almost nothing about Pink Floyd, but I really enjoyed the concert -- though I was so over the audience.  People kept coming in and out to get drinks, and while the concert (especially the opening five minutes of just music and viewscreen, no words) would have been awesome if high, I don't really see how a few overpriced beers improve the experience much.  Having paid serious money for tickets, I would think people would want to just sit and absorb the performance.  [official website]  We got in right when the lights went off (ten past eight) and the first few times people came into our aisle I picked up my bag (my black messenger bag, which wasn't very full, so certainly people could have stepped past/over it) but I stopped when I got tired of people's constant traveling.  Near the end of the concert (maybe after the first encore?) some people in our aisle left, which was obviously totally legit, and I didn't pick up my bag and this woman kind of stepped around it and then literally kicked it back.  Yeah, that was a running joke with us for like twenty minutes afterward.


TO DO this weekend (not a comprehensive list):
* call Ian? (Saturday)
* respond to comments about Episcopalianism
* read "Penelope" chapter
* review for quiz? on "Ithaca"
* start working on Joyce paper in earnest
* start writing Secret Slasha fic in earnest
* clean out some of the crap in my room
* clean floor (e.g. Swiffer)
* get my hair cut (Saturday @11)
* go to Trinity Church (Sunday @11:15)


I got a Heifer International ecard from Nicole -- "A gift of a goat has been given on the occasion of Christmas"
Her personal note said: "Don't worry, they'll use this goat for milk and yummy cheese, not for meat!"
Edit: In talking to her the following week I learned that really she paid for one goat on behalf of a number of friends, but still, that's a serious gift. /edit

I don't mind the new LJ Update [though it took me a little while to figure out how one backdates], and mbta.com got a refurbish -- with fab features like making the Trip Planner primary (though it was really slow and has since been pulled, with imminent rerelease).  LJ has also made available the function to let other people tag your entries, and have done it as an opt-in feature (as opposed to opt-out, which frustratingly is how they usually do things).  Personally I think people should give me tag access (you can give access to a custom friend group) so I can correct typoed tags etc.  I mean seriously, viewing people's tag lists is sometimes bad for my blood pressure.
Also, reading the FAQ... I always forget that you can "View two or more tags at once by separating the tags by commas -- e.g., http://hermionesviolin.livejournal.com/tag/tag1,tag2"

Thanks to Rana, today I learned "cowgirl" as a verb with a specific denotation -- not work safe at all wiki link.
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