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Damn, the weekend's half-over already.

Apparently NewRoomie+gf had a small party last night with some friends, so I'm rather glad I didn't come straight home (though I probably would have been able to fall asleep no problem).

I got my hair cut this morning.  Wednesday Alyssa and Thursday Cailin both complimented me on my hair -- which as ironic since I was planning on getting it cut.  I had it in a more defined side part than I usually have it, and it did look good, but I felt fairly confident it would start annoying me again soon, so I kept my appointment.  I got it trimmed and layered, and of course now it's falling in my face a bit.  I definitely like the cut, though.

It really bothers me when people on the street ask you for money and then keep asking you for more (seventy-five cents, a dollar, three dollars, five dollars) -- you're being nice and giving them what they asked for and they're making you feel guilty for not giving them more.  I know [okay, technically, I "believe"] that Christ would take them to a sandwich shop and sit down to a meal with them, and I think that God wants us to be that good, but I'm just not (especially 'cause feeling like I'm being taken advantage of does not make me want to be good.).
"and it's bad to have eyes like neon signs flashing open open open open open open open open open all the time"
I came home and made donations to real charities (Doctors Without Borders and First Book), which I had been meaning to do for a while.

I spent way too much time on Ari's tags this afternoon.  (I corrected lots of tags, so you can sort by usage at Tags Management and delete the zero use tags.  It's probably good I can't access your Tag Management or I would be so tempted to rename tags by my own subcategorizing preferences.  There were some duplicates I left alone 'cause I didn't know what your preference was re: hyphens and underscores, and other 'cause I didn't know if the duplication was intentional -- though I often doubted it.)

via thistlerose: SCMA installation gets Golden Plunger award


Today I:
* mailed a package
* got my hair cut
* fixed lots of Ari's tags
* took out the trash
* washed dishes
* bought groceries [I splurged and bought egg nog.]
* cleared out some of the crap in my room (Yay, tomorrow is trash night!)
* took a long nap [I only got 5-6 hours of sleep last night.]
What's up with the superpowered dreams?  This morning between turning off my alarm and getting up I had a normal mundane pseudo-dream, but this evening I dreamt I was like Claire but also with phasing and I sort of had Lwaxana Troi as a mother and she didn't want me to tell anyone and I was a teen and met a my age Clark Kent a la Smallville sort of and later met a guy with a hanglider in a scene out of a Forester or Waugh type novel who may have been superpowered also and to whom I was telling my lifestory.
* read the "Penelope" chapter, and Blamires chapter thereon (i.e., have now read all of Ulysses)
Edit: * finally responded to comments about Episcopalianism
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