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After having gotten too much sleep Saturday morning i finally went to bed at 4:40 this morning. I turned off my light and went to bed, which is right next to the window overlooking the parking lot. There was a near opaque covering of snow on the grass in front of my house. I was excited. Dude, with Britta and the Smith pagans it's all about the snow here. :)

My window's drafty, though, so when my grandparents take me shopping over Thanksgiving Break i'm definitely getting some curtains. I'm thinking dark blue. I left most all my sweaters and such at home because during last year's mild winter i never wore them since all the buildings here are so warm. Definitely bringing a lot of them back with me after Thanksgiving Break this year.

Walking to church this morning there was still snow on the ground (though not as much as when i went to bed) and there was that snow smell in the air. I heart that.

I was more excited about the October 23rd snowfall, though. I think because it was so unusual and, hello, first snowfall of the year. I'm used to first snowfall being Thanksgiving time, so i honestly wouldn't mind an autumnal November followed by a snowy December, and January, and February. Then in March it can be cold but maybe not snowy. And then in April it can start to be cool and rainy. Yeah, look at me dictating weather in, of all places, New England.
Tags: weather: snow: 2002-2003

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