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"Four and twenty years and I been trying to make some sense"

Today was less productive than I had hoped for, but I did finally get the stuff I needed from Prof.B., and (again) I have stuff in place to get the remainder taken care of tomorrow.  So I went to the Community Holiday Party an hour late (as per yesterday).  Prof.B. asked, "Are you okay?"  I said I was just tired, from a month and a half of Recruiting, and I was very ready for my Break, and that I wasn't upset at him (the latter is a bit of a lie, but it wasn't a conversation we needed to have at that moment).

In mingling at the party, I got chatted up by a guy from Physical Plant (Glenn).  That was a little weird.  He claims we see each other around all the time (exchange hellos even); I did not mention that I have no recollection of seeing him ever.  It quickly became clear that he's very much not my type, and at a lull in the conversation I made my excuses and went to mingle elsewhere.  I saw him again at the end of the party and he offered me a ride home and I politely declined and he (smiling) said, "Well, I had to try."  I laughed and we parted amicably.  I pretty much always refuse rides, though (though obviously I was also purposefully declining this one).

Edit: I completely forgot to mention: in conversation I said my parents lived south of Boston, kinda near Foxboro (my new stock answer), and Glenn said, "Oh, Norwood area," and I was just flabbergasted, because that is in fact the exact town, but people almost never know the town (except for the Auto Mile). /edit

Emily was talking about getting a gift for one of her profs and yeah, fond as I am, none of my profs inspire that feeling in me.  (Of course, I'm kind of Grinchy generally.)  I am such an English Major, though.  She and his RA were talking about his big vocabulary, and she said something about a word on the exam today and the word was "idiosyncratic" and I was like, "That's a perfectly normal word."  RA mentioned "mellifluous," which while I don't think I've ever used it in conversation I can define unhesitatingly (I even know the mel=honey root).  Apparently he also uses the word "punctilious" like every day.

In other work news, the stressful craziness aside, my workplace is kind of fabulous.  For example, most any conversation involving Peter.  And I'm so glad to have Katie around to be on the same wavelength as me.

In non-work news: Ari is a little bit of a rockstar.  (I'll post the stuff that made me glow after the secret_slasha name reveal -- 'cause it's from her beta of my fic.)

I have put the majority of personal library collection up on LibraryThing (though I have definitely not yet completed the tagging).

Problems I have found:
* using the Author tag Cloud is clunky -- click on an author and it takes you to the author page and then you can get "You have books by [author] ( [hyperlink] see yours [/hyperlink] )."
* I can't find a way to sort alphabetically by author in List View.  (It took me a pathetically long time to realize that Cover View -- which I love -- is also sorted that way.  I am just such an inculcated librarian; alphabetical by title is an almost never thing -- the one exception is sorting within an author if it's not a set series.)
* "Enter 200 books for free, as many as you like for $10 (year) or $25 (life)."
Okay, not a serious complaint since I'm used to LiveJournal, which is significantly more expensive, but that just seems like such a low number to me.  I think of my personal library as moderate-to-small, and I'm right near 200.

I was telling Katie about it and she asked what the point of it is and, uh....  I pulled out the Suggestion option (It makes me sad that the UnSuggester will only work for specific titles not your whole library) but honestly, it's all about the fun of the organizing.

Edit: 12:38am I get an e-mail from Tim from LibraryThing.  Appearing on Google Blog Search = Rockstar!  (No, I don't know why "rockstar" is my current word of choice for things made of win.)  He said:
you can sort by author by clicking on the word "author" at the top of the column. This works with most of the columns—anything in blue. You can reverse-sort by clicking again.
I admit to feeling a little abashed that I hadn't already thought of that.
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