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We narrowly avoided hotel disaster ::praises God:: and I feel like everything is sufficiently wrapped up that my not going in to work at all tomorrow will be fine.  [Hotel is top of the list for Things To To Right the first time around next year, seriously.]

On Tuesday, Prof.B. said something that implied I was in fact getting a Christmas gift, and yesterday he explicitly said it, so indeed this morning I came in to a giftbag on my desk chair.  Trader Joe's assortment of chocolates, and Trader Joe's gingerbread men.  I prefer last year's tower of chocolate covered almonds (also from Trader Joe's), but I'm not gonna quibble (aloud).  The note on the bag says (in part), "Thanks for your great work."

Also today, Mary Alice brought in homemade peanut butter fudge (as per last year).  YUM.  Fudge (and chocolate pizzas) are my two Christmas concessions to non-vegetarianism.

Actually, Wiki tells me:
Marshmallow Fluff and some other non-firm marshmallow products, either the commercial product or homemade, are suitable for vegetarians as most contain no gelatin, which mainly serves to allow the familiar marshmallow confection to retain its shape.
One of these years I'll get my act together and order vegan mini-marshmallows for my mom to use for the chocolate pizzas.

Ranjan got got me a chocolate bar (he correctly figured me for a milk chocolate person) and tied it up in nice ribbon :)

FormerUnitHead was heading out to do Christmas shopping, and I quipped, "Get me something nice," -- adding immediately after: "I was kidding."  Turns out he is in fact getting me something -- it's one thing he hadn't taken care of before he left for Tokyo :)  So because I'm a greedy ho, I'm stopping in briefly tomorrow to pick up my gift (rather than waiting until we come back after New Year's).

Eric said it's almost decided that New Year's will be at his apartment and he promises he'll e-mail me.  So we shall see.  I'm mostly not getting my hopes up, but as I told Katie: when we come back I'll either have stories about the party or a story about why/how the party wasn't.

No CAUMC next week (unless someone volunteers to lead) 'cause Trelawney's out of town, so that additionally frees up my week (not that a lock on 7-10pm on Thursday night was a huge deal, of course).  Will probably call people on Tuesday, but feel free to get in touch with me earlier than that.

Oh, and obligatory comment on the HP Book 7 title reveal: I love the title and have no interest in zombies.
Tags: food: veg, harry potter, loot list, planning ahead

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