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[CAUMC] Christmas [2006-12-21]

On my way to CAUMC tonight, I passed a house on Powder House that had strings of blue and green lights up on the giant bushes in its front yard.  I approve.  Their upstairs porch railing had red and green lights so it actually looked like holly draped (well inasmuchas lights can), which I also approve of.

Dinner included these amazingly yummy biscuits -- low-fat whole-wheat.  I also tried yams -- which I had once more than ten years ago; still not a fan.

I learned that Trelawney shares my "My family didn't do Santa, and I'm glad about that."

Edit: Forgot to mention, during dinner conversation I mentioned how I'm going in to work briefly tomorrow to pick up my present, and I ended up talking about how when it comes to my family and friends I don't feel any particular desire to get presents from them, but at work I very much want presents from my bosses, which is an irony I hadn't thought of before -- though on reflection it makes sense because in neither case do I want the actual stuff so much as I want recognition/appreciation, which I already get from loved ones. /edit

I was wearing my patchwork-looking shirt and she complimented me on it; I mentioned that I got it at a thrift store, with my usual comment that it's usually the thrift store clothes that I get compliments on.  She Affirmed that I shop at thrift stores -- that I'm not controlled by trends etc. -- and said, "You must really love yourself a lot" to be comfortable enough with my body to do that, which I found interesting because I don't really think of the two as connected (nor do I think of myself as having a particularly great relationship with my body).

We watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, which I think I saw once as a youngster.

I was reminded that I have such suspension of disbelief issues (as well as issues with things being pastede on), though I was crying laughing at a lot of the physical comedy near the beginning.  I can't help loving the dog, and I like the Grinch at the beginning a lot -- see myself in him, what? ;)  "You're a Mean One" has some of the best lyrics -- "You're as cuddly as a cactus, you're as charming as an eel. [...] With arsenic sauce."

Afterward, Trelawney talked about how Christmas can be a difficult time and how there are traditions that bring us joy and traditions that are stressful [she actually segued from the ending of the film, with the "Christmas means more than just presents" thing] and opened it up for people to talk about that as they felt moved.  It was just her, Eric, me, Michelle, and Meredith, and she started off by going around and acknowledging the ways in which the/this holiday season is/can be difficult for each specific person.  She did me last and said she doesn't know much about my personal history with (Christmas) traditions and commented that, "You're very cynical about a lot of stuff, but other times you take simple joy in things."
My favorite part was totally the acknowledgement of my cynicism :)
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