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Christmas holiday


My brother came to pick me up on Friday and commented that it smelled like gas.  I had a cold so I hadn't noticed.  I mentioned the gas oven, he suggested the pilot light was out, I mentioned (which I had mentioned to OriginalRoomie weeks ago) that on one side of our stove the burners no longer work.  Yeah, pilot light.  I've always had the impression that the pilot light being out is this big deal thing to fix but no, it turns out to be really easy.  So that's one new thing I learned.  Now I also need to invest in matches in case this happens again.

In conversation on the ride home I learned that my brother really likes Heroes, including the early episodes (he saw the last 3 or 4 eps and then started from the beginning thanks to NBC having them up online).

Every year we say we're going to get a small tree, and every year the tree we get turns out to be rather large, but the tree my brother picked out this year actually is fairly small (though not, despite our joking, a Charlie Brown tree).  Decorated, it actually turned out well (and my brother conceded to my desire for white lights -- no colored lights -- which made me happy).

I watched so much tv Friday night.

Watching Jeopardy I learned that not only is there is a ballet of Dracula but there is also one of Faulkner's As I Lay Dying.  I continue to be struck in watching Jeopardy by how easy a lot of the questions are (though of course the majority of them I don't know at all).

I caught some of The Simpsons due to being on the computer while my brother watched in the adjoining room.

I watched WWE Smackdown with my dad as per usual.  Near the beginning, of the players referred to it as the "cornerstone of the CW network."  Hee. 
Also near the beginning, "Santa" came down the aisle, distributing merch to audience members.  JBL said: "I don't need presents; I'm rich.  If I want something, I'll buy it."  ♥  Then "Santa" gave gifts to both him and Michael Cole and Michael Cole grabbed JBL's present back, saying, "Hey, you said you didn't want any presents."  JBL thwacked him with a book.

Not much else of note from the two hours.  The Boogeyman schtick still makes me uncomfortable.  I'm so not sold on the idea that a crazy guy who eats live worms is so terrifying to all these badass wrestlers, though of course the really important part is that he's the latest in WWE's problematic representations of "primitives."  This most recent Smackdown had the color commentators explicitly making reference to the "gyrations" he does -- I think both the words "ritualistic" and "voodoo" were used.

After the Boogeyman frightened away Gregory Helms, one of the ring announcers took the mic and declared, "He's the Boogeyman and he's coming to get you," in response to which the Boogeyman attacked him and stuffed worms in his mouth (one of his gimmicks).  I get that he's supposed to be unpredictable, but this just seemed so pastede on to me.
Huh, wikipedia-ing, the things one learns.

My brother and I watched 1 vs. 100 for the first time.  We were not impressed.  Both the questions and the contestants/mob were stupid (North America/Asia/Africa has the largest desert, static is caused by protons/neutrons/electrons).

We saw Numb3rs (3.07 "Blackout"), which I had never seen before (though I recognized Peter MacNicol from The Practice Ally McBeal; and checking IMDb I was right in thinking Navi Rawat was the name of the actress who played Dana in Angel -- "Damage" 5.11).  The show itself, though?  ::shrug:: 
One thing I've been thinking about/noticing in recent months is how people interact, specifically how they do or do not talk about things, specifically personal/emotional things, and yes how that's gendered.  So one thing that stood out for me in this episode was Charlie and Donny not really talking about the Robyn-Liz thing.  I was impressed by the reveal at the end that Robyn dumped Donny.  And then his father and brother stay up with him ("You don't even live here, what are you doing telling us what to do?" the dad says).  Closed-captioning said that it was the Taxi theme that played when the dad turned on late-night tv, and my brother said that the dad starred in Taxi.

My brother watched South Park, and when I was home over Thanksgiving I'd seen part of an episode and really wasn't taken with it.  However, I quickly got sucked into the episode that played Friday night, and it turned out to be awesome. 
"Changing your mind is a time-honored Canadian custom"
Munchkins!  And then the whole rest turned out to be a Wizard of Oz parody. 
"The only road in Canada"  (I noted the gold-colored edging on the road.)
Mountie! French Canada! Newfoundland (sodomy)
guard, upper window, won't let them in, cries, flaming head, man behind curtain
When someone's asking why the Canadian Prime Minister is making such mean laws, I thought the gag was going to be that he was actually an American (I told this to my brother later, and he said that South Park doesn't make fun of America much), but no, it was better.  "The Americans caught Saddam."  (tv.com tells me that when the episode aired, not only had Canada in fact just gotten a new prime minister, but Americans had in fact just captured Saddam mere days earlier.)

Okay, it does make me sad that they got Canadian geography wrong -- something I learned from tv.com, 'cause my geography for places I actually live is bad nevermind places I don't actually live.

I also kinda liked the Christmas in Nebraska one, in large part because I have Santa issues  "There is no 'real' Mr. Hankey" / "You lied to me, Mother."
Also, havingjust seen the original at CAUMC, I could appreciate how close "Grinchy-Poo" kept.  Also: "God bless us, everyone."

Charles Manson: Oh my god, they killed the little orange coated kid!


I went to Frank Crowley's funeral because that's what one does.  It was open casket, which I shouldn't have been surprised by, since it was viewing followed immediately by funeral, but I was still a little wigged, especially 'cause he looked kinda yellowish.

While one of the daughters was talking, it occurred to me that in the not too distant future I'll have to stand up and say nice things about my grandmother.  I told my mother this later, and she said I could just be keeper of the tissues.  If she had died when she fell five and a half years ago, I wouldn't have minded, but she's just declined so much that it's hard to remember the good days.

After the funeral, I went over to my grandma's to help her wrap presents.  I was there for four or five hours (the wrapping only took about an hour, but first there was lunch and after there was keeping her company -- i.e., listening to her talk nonstop) and that last hour was painful.

I didn't bring Joyce home with me, knowing I wouldn't have time (or motivation) to work on it.  However, I had ILL-ed 1971 text on masochism which also included an English translation of Venus in Furs (the latter being the purpose in ILLing it).  Saturday night I had time to kill, so I read Venus and then started reading the psych/litcrit text.  I wasn't impressed with either.  Sigh.


Fourth Sunday in Advent

(For my reference: there was a program in my hymnal from the Second Sunday in Advent which said "Light the Candle of Love.") 

"O Come, Al Ye Faithful!" (Celebration Hymnal) said "bright hosts of heaven" rather than "citizens" which is what I'm used to.

The Children's Choir did a weirdly up-tempo version of "Go, Tell It on the Mountain."

The "Message" (sermon) was "The Miracles of Christmas."  Blah.  4 miracles: who came, who he came to, how he came, and why he came.  I was actually awake for most of it, but I wasn't into it at all ('cause I know it all already, though it did make me want to research theories of atonement).

I'm not big on the 3rd verse of "Joy to the World!"

There was a "Time of Greeting," which I didn't even notice in the bulletin (because having been to church there for years I know how things go and just look down the middle for hymns, Scripture Reading, and sermon title).  I was jarred that there was no mention of Passing the Peace, but given that in most every church I've been in that turns into a "Time of Greeting" anyway I suppose I should appreciate the honesty.  Mostly it was just weird because UCN never used to do this.  Though it did occur to me that I haven't been to a Sunday morning service at UCN for quite some time; I just feel like I have since I've been to Singspiration a lot recently and it's held in the sanctuary.  (LJ tags tell me I haven't been to Sunday morning service at UCN since the Sunday before Thanksgiving last year.)

Oh, and there was a VoteOnMarriage.org flyer in the bulletin.  Ah, my church.

Sunday afternoon I worked on a Firefly fic I've had sitting around for quite some time and actually got a couple sections finished (and an idea for a companion piece).  I was really proud of myself, though there's still one section I'm struggling with.  Anyone interested in betaing?

We watched an episode of CSI: Miami (2.06 "Hurricane Anthony").  This show doesn't particularly grab me, but I don't actively dislike it either, so I could easily get sucked into an A&E marathon or something if I ever felt like I had the free time.  I also really enjoy Emily Proctor. 
Delko: Leave it to you, Calleigh, to find something good to come out of a hurricane.
Calleigh: They do alleviate global warming.
Speedle: She's, uh, way too cheerful.

Christmas Eve
Looking back at LJ, I'm impressed that the order of worship almost exactly the same as last year.
Only differences:
*First Scripture Reading was listed as John 3:16-18 instead of John 1:1-14.
*After "Sweet Little Jesus Boy" we sang "O Little Town of Bethlehem" instead of proceeding directly to the Lighting of the Christ Candle.
*Choral Selection after Lighting of the Christ Candle was "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem" (instead of "Rejoice With Exceeding Great Joy").

What struck me this year in "Sweet Little Jesus Boy" instead of "But please, sir, forgive us Lord, we didn't know 'twas You," was "The world treat You mean, Lord; treat me mean, too. But that's how things is down here, we didn't know 'twas You."

Meditation (sermon) was entitled "What Time Is Christmas?" and I swear I was awake, but I remember nothing.  At least Christmas Eve sermons are shorter than Sunday morning ones are.

The sanctuary wasn't very warm, but then the receiving line afterward?  Someone had left the front door open (our receiving line ends right at that door, mind) and it looked like it was propped open (else I would have pulled it shut when I walked by).  omg so cold.  weather.com when we came home said 11pm: 38F feels like 33F, which made me feel like a wimp since I am she who loves cold and all.  Nevertheless, I felt like death -- which was actually happened once before: cold, achy, occasional stabbing chest pain.  Dunno what causes it.  I was given permission to bust up the heat in the apartment (shockingly, it was already at 68), and I felt better the following morning, and by the end of the day on Christmas felt wholly myself again. 

Because there is nothing on Sunday late-night on broadcast tv, my brother and I watched King of the Hill (5.20 "Kidney Boy and Hamster Girl: A Love Story") and Farscape (3.13 "Scratch 'n Sniff ").


Remember how FormerUnitHead gave me a gift saying "You may already have this, but I hope you don't"?  Best boss ever.  I also got an amazon.com gift certificate for a quite pleasant amount, but really, the book was the best part.  I have often said that all you need to win me is to be attentive.  (Hee, I just flipped the book over for the ISBN to add to LibraryThing, and it still has the Borders pricetag on it.  Clearly he does not come from my grandmother's school where it is tres gauche to leave price tags on ever.  Personally I don't care much.)

Yay for useful stocking stuff -- pens, cough drops, mini-sewing kit, one of those rubber circles for opening jars, chapstick, a dishwashing scrubbie, and a small rubber lizard :)

I also got a spatula, and from my grandparents a Target gift card.

I got clothes I'd picked out: two sweaters, plus a blouse I'd forgotten about.  And black slippers, which I'd been excited about but which now I think may be too small, though wearing them Christmas night I was getting used to them.  [They came in a box, hence the lack of pre-purchase try-on.]

I also got a Catie Curtis CD, a Word Origin day-by-day calendar, and two books: Novel Voices: 17 award-winning novelists on how to write, edit, and get published and Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Television Show (ed. Glenn Yeffeth) -- which on reflection (ha! /inside joke) I think I already have.  This is not my parents' fault, as I didn't double-check my old wishlist.

And lest we think I didn't get anything really fun, I also got: Ferrero Rocher, Pirouette rolled wafers (which I just refer to as Pirouline), a big mug with cocoa mix & mini marshmallows & a whisk, and a bucket of chocolate martini mix -- it thinks I should add vodka to the bucket and freeze, but I intend to make single-serving drinks; let's hope that's easily workable (otherwise I'm gonna have to arrange to have a real party at my apartment).

Edit: It goes without saying that I also got lots of yummy homemade baked good from my mom, right?  'Cause that's an integral part of every Christmas. /edit

My brother got Family Guy UNO, and we played a few rounds Christmas afternoon before 4pm dinner.  Grandma was so out of it (and color-blind?) but thankfully the experience was still enjoyable.

Linnea came for a visit.  She brought me a gift basket of apartment stuff (okay, some of which I'm dispersing -- like the meat thermometer :) ) 'cause she couldn't make my apartment-warming.

Maureen also came to visit.  The place she went was sold out of Frangelico (my mom's preferred liqueur), so she got Baileys, which my dad prefers.  I agree with him that the first sip has that overpowering taste of alcohol at the end and the second sip doesn't.  I'm still not really taken with it, though.

After everyone had gone home, I watched a little bit of Remember the Titans with my parents, but then Jonah came over, and of course he trumps movies.  [IMDb-ing: The white coach's daughter?  Is played by the actress who plays Claire in Heroes!]

After he'd left, we watched another episode of 1 vs. 100.  This one was less ridiculous -- some of the questions required niche knowledge (The Night Before Christmas poem, Will Ferrell's movie Elf) -- though 54/99 (plus the contestant) didn't grasp parallel/perpendicular.

I saw an ad for Freedom Writers and it's Sia "Breathe Me" that's playing in the trailer, right?


I saw one of the new MBTA commuter rail schedules.  The shiny is a little disconcerting, though it does have a lot of useful stuff (subway map, etc.).  One of the blurbs talks about this form will be more durable and yadda yadda, in a way which makes me wonder whether they'll have scads of them at the Information counter at South Station like they used to.

Waiting at the Mass Ave.-Alewife Brook Parkway intersection when my brother drove me home, I wondered if it would be more efficient for me to just take Mass Ave. the whole way home if I were walking from Harvard or Porter, rather than switching to Elm St. at Porter, given where I live.  (I also wanna learn how to walk to my house from Alewife T station.)

I came home to a reminder that I live with idiots.  Our trash day is Monday; Monday was Christmas, so trash day would have been today; I came home around 3pm to full trash barrels still sitting by the side of our house.  I hope that OriginalRoomie really did, unbeknownst to me, go somewhere for Christmas, 'cause that would be a reasonable explanation for it.

However, I also came home to mail including a Charlie Card from work and a handmade (purple! my favorite color) coaster from sigrun.

I've been seeing so many Yuletide recs on the flist I just wanna immerse myself in that, but I have to write a Joyce paper, plus I have a gazillion writeups I wanna make a dent in.  Speaking of recs, I should really look into renewing my domain/hosting since it's gonna run out in a couple weeks.  There are also lots of people I wanna see over Break, and I fail at coming up with actual plans.

Why can I not find the flyer of Shakespeare productions I picked up at Ladders to Heaven?  I remember it mentioned Titus and I think also Winter's Tale.  I can find the latter on ArtsBoston, but Google is not at all helping with the former.
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