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"And I still have my hands on the wheel"

I've been awful and not feedbacking, but immersing myself in the reading is so much more enjoyable.  (Though I know feedback brings joy, which makes me happy; I will get to it I promise.)  I was just now reading, of all things, Gilgamesh fanfic (off of somebody's rec) and on so many levels I was struck by the power of stories (this particular story was affecting, and also a major theme in it is the im/potence of writing) and just felt so affirmed in the fact that stories are my passion.  (I sometimes feel bad that I don't want to be feeding the homeless or something -- I know the two are not mutually exclusive, but you know what I mean -- but then I read something that moves me viscerally and I feel better.)

Edited to add: and a Sandman fic that had me choking tears at the end (which is no surprise as I am such a marshmallow).
Tags: fanfic: recs
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