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"Oh, the image sticks like glue to me"

I went out to dinner with kurukami tonight.  (And as he's here for business he paid 'cause he's expensing it; unexpected yay!)  I remembered Nicole mentioning Gargoyles, so I suggested we go there (and we got a parking spot no problem), but it was a little more upscale than either of us were expecting, so we opted out and hit up the Tibetan restaurant nearby.  Neither of us had ever had Tibetan food, but we both very much approved.  'S cheap, too.  Called Martsa on Elm, in case you're interested.  [The first hit on Google is this Boston Phoenix review]  There are actually a multiplicity of dishes I'm interested in trying, which those who know picky eater me will recognize as astonishing.

P.S. What a gentleman; he insisted on picking me up at my apartment rather than just meeting at the restaurant.  He also commented on how when we first meatspace met at WriterCon I seemed very shy (in the context of "tonight that's not how you come off at all"), which was actually affirming to me because that's how I'm used to thinking of myself (though I have grown into this "vibrant" persona I seem to present nowadays).

Directing him on the way back at one point I said to go straight.  He said that his sister(?) who lives in the Castro says, "We're not going straight; we're going gaily forward."  Hee.

Which reminds me, in talking about Harvard Square I used the phrase "pseudo-homeless goth punks," which phrase he gets first claim if he wants to use it in his fic (which reminds me to add Charles de Lint to my To Read list).

I remembered that the author I was thinking of is Dennis Lehane -- Mystic River, etc.  I'm hard-pressed to think of other fiction set in the Boston area, which distresses me.  For Northampton I can easily think of Tracey Kidder's nonfiction book Home Town and the movie Malice (okay, the latter thanks to j-term, but still).
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