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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I miss reading.

Secret Slasha authors are up.  I sent feedback to my author (and at least one other) and posted my fic on my fic journal.  I also updated my website for the first time since October.  [And the Pretty Lights authors finally got revealed, so my recs no longer say "by SECRETPRETTYLIGHTSAUTHOR" as they did earlier in the day.]

Oh, my Joyce paper.  I should have switched to non-credit for this course.  Though I only ever did that once before in my entire college career (though I did take one other course non-credit from the get-go).  Stubbornness combined with always having been very smart means I have this gut-level belief that I'll be okay (and if I'm not, well I don't care much about the grades anyhow).  I'll be really glad to be done with this class, though.  And am (cautiously) looking forward to Medieval Church.  (Which doesn't start until Jan. 29, so after failing the Joyce exam next week I get a whole couple weeks off from "school.")

I'm starting to get the hang of Portuguese.  I still don't know what it says about me that I'm insisting on learning another Romance language rather than brushing up on the one I already know.  (Quite possibly that I'm stubborn and useless.  Who knows.)

I'm curious as to why they kept "sábado" and "domingo," because their weekdays go "second, third, ... " (which is a little confusing because you have to think of Monday as the second day -- rather than the first day -- and etc.).  I'm also curious as to what the deal is with the baseword, 'cause "feira" means market or fair or whatever, and I wanna know how they got from that to marking the days of the week. 

Dude, listening to Cake "When You Sleep" (September 2006 Frankenmix, silentfire)... Are all their songs so awesomely porntastic?  The only one I'm familiar with is "Love You Madly."  ::checks harddrive::  Oh wait, I also have "Short Skirt/Long Jacket," which is also awesome.

K-Fed vs. John Cena?  Yeah, I had to see that.  (This begs the question, of course, as to whether the WWE is a step up or down from Britney Spears.)  What little I saw of Cena on Smackdown, I hearted.  He's like a younger Stone Cold from Massachusetts.  That fandom as relationship meme?  WWE is like that older guy down the street who would come and hang out, and your dad was always around so it was fine, and he got sleazier as he got older but you still hung out sometimes -- It is mildly disturbing to me that I do these descriptions I start thinking of real people I know. 
Umaga?  How many problematic "primitives" are they gonna have in their franchise at one time?

Okay, I was confused when K-Fed said he'd talked to Coachman and turned it into a DQ, but then it was confirmed in K-Fed's trailer later.  They made Coach suave and evil.  I wholeheartedly disapprove.  I hearted wee interviewer Coach.
  At the 4-way tag team match (loaded with stereotypes, natch) I abandoned the tv for IM with chainkill.

And I have to be up again in ~6 hours.  I haven't gotten up before 9 in over a week.  This should be fun.  I remembered to write the rent check, though, and someone else took all the trash out to the curb.  This is actually a fairly auspicious beginning to a week.
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