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Oops, it's almost 1am again. [Otherwise starting the New Year off well so far.]

Today's Word Origin [Jan. 2, 2007]:

DOUGLAS FIR: This majestic, soaring conifer takes its common name from the Scottish botanist David Douglas (1799-1834), who brought seedlings home from one of his many scientific expeditions to the Pacific Northwest.  He died under mysterious circumstances.  More mysterious is the fact that the tree's scientific name, Pseudotsuga menziesii, honors a rival botanist, Archibald Menzies.
Oh, the world of botany.  I feel like this is out of a Far Side cartoon.


I was really pleased at how high-functioning I was today.  And despite having literally 27 e-mails (and ye gods another Chicago change) it was a fairly easy day.

The WSJ has changed its format.  More compact.  I approve, as I have always found standard newspaper format unwieldy.  Cailin says the new format feels squished.

I heart FormerUnitHead, even if he did nearly give me a panic attack (not having fully read my Thurs. Dec. 21 e-mail about Chicago).  "I'm glad you didn't have that Serenity graphic novel; I was a little nervous.  There was something else I was looking for and couldn't find that I thought you might like."  He couldn't remember what, but I pointed out I intended to work for him for at least a little longer.  "And this will give you added inducement to do so," he said.

Me to Eric, holding a container of my mom's sherry cookies: "How much do you love me?"
Eric: "That depends.  Are those mine?"

Cailin's probably taking Principles of Economics (Tuesdays 7:35-9:35).  She says it's like an intro to intro econ, even more basic than micro.  (She's bad at econ, hence the appeal.)  I took micro and macro at Smith but really didn't have the time to actually learn the material (hence I think at least one of them I got a C in) and it is something I'd like to understand, so maybe I'll take it for non-credit.  (P.S. I want a syllabus for Medieval Church already.  Boo.)

"tushies"  Oh, I heart Greg.

Joyce class was fairly decent.  Again with the awake.  And I got brownie points for having actually read Venus in Furs.  Of course actually being faced with the prof I felt guilty turning in such a shite paper.  Le sigh.  Waiting for the T afterward, and older woman who was in the class approached me -- recognized me from the class, despite the fact that I was reading my Portuguese workbook -- and we chatted some about the class.  She asked me about what I had written my paper on, and in talking about it some I articulated some (moderately impressive) ideas I totally hadn't put in my paper.  Yeah, I put so little thought/effort into that paper.  Sigh.  On the Red Line we were sitting across from another classmate (working on the extra credit crossword puzzle) and next to a guy reading a comic book (title = eXtreme, I think, maybe).  I love public transit sometimes.

I met up with Joe at Copley.  Every time I see him he looks more grownup.  We went to Vinny T's.  Joe told them we were just gonna get dessert, and lo indeed we got a tiny menu.  They don't serve hot chocolate; boo.  They did give us the free bread, though.  Because we were only ordering dessert the waitress kind of ignored us after we got our food (which was sad 'cause we kinda wanted more water).  Note to self: the "Chocolate Bomba" isn't lying when it says "dense."
I told him that my mom had said she thought of 2006 as the year I was "launched," and he really liked that phrasing.  It was good to catch up with him, and more importantly to be affirmed that yes it remains true that interacting with him I am valued.  A friend out on the B Line was driving him home to the 'Wood, so I took the T out with him and then came back on my own.  There were these two guys behind me having just the best conversation.  I came in for the part where one was talking about Our Bodies, Ourselves being assigned in some feminism class he took; this quickly moved to talking about how (easily) one talks about sex with friends/s.o.'s.  ♥  "Name one movie that mentions contraception," the first guy challenged.  After some thought, his companion named American Pie.  They also named Chasing Amy and She's All That.  I am of course now intrigued and posing the question to you all.


Ways in which I am for the win today:

Gillian says I win a prize, TBA.

I was processing a reimbursement for a job candidate and caught an error.  At the end of our correspondence he e-mailed me, "Thanks so much for double checking all this. I really appreciate all of your help in coordinating my visit – it was all amazingly smooth and I know that takes a lot of work to make happen."  Woot on appreciation.

theatre_pixie left me a comment on my Secret Slasha fic which is easily one of my favorite fic feedbacks received.


musesfool is polling about remixredux, which adds to my desire to get my act in gear about finishing up some of my fanfics.

I agreed to do a creative writing workshop (MLK Day).


This morning I was singing to myself:

the bathroom mirror has not budged
and the woman who lives there can tell
the truth from the stuff that they say.
she looks me in the eye
and says, "would you prefer the easy way?
no, well okay then, don't cry."

Of course, sometimes I kind of do prefer the easy way.  But I like the reminder that perhaps I shouldn't.  I very much insist it is more than okay to cry, though.

Looking up the lyrics to be sure I'd gotten them right I was reminded of this other section: "i wonder if everything i do / i do instead / of something i want to do more."  That, too, is an important idea for me to keep in mind.
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