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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

This is a PSA

-- not that younger!me would have listened to this.

Routine checkups? Really a good idea.

Over the Winter Break I was thinking, "I'm a real grownup now, have had medical insurance of my very own for nearly a year. Having been lazy about seeing a doctor or a dentist probably since I graduated high school, I should probably get on that again." Then on Saturday one of my teeth started hurting.

I have a consult tomorrow and may well have other problems (It worries him that it doesn't hurt much 'cause from the x-ray he thinks it should.) but the current big deal is that I need a root canal. Amusingly, these past few days I had been [in that hypochondriac streak we all have] considering the possibility of "emegehncy woot canah" ("Celestial Navigation," The West Wing 1.15). Hi, this is one story we won't be telling my grandmother the former dental hygienist.

I definitely like the dentist, though. [Thanks, synchronicitous LJ community post.]

When he met me he asked, "How are you?" and I said, "Good," without thinking, because that's just what one says. I realized the irony immediately.
He said, "You can't be that good if you have a toothache," and I conceded, with the aforegiven explanation.
"So you're starting our relationship off with a lie?" he quipped. I pled my job -- of which "inane pleasantries" are a large part.

During our later conversation he said, impressed, "Did you just whip out 'supernumerary'?"

(P.S. Having gotten a next-day dentist appointment, I was dismayed to find the earliest I could get my woot canaw was nearly two full weeks.)
SAM: Your teeth are the best friends you got, C.J.
C.J.: They are?
SAM : You take care of them, they'll take care of you.
C.J.: When'd you start talking like this?
SAM: I'm nuts for dental hygiene.
C.J.: Go away. Now.
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