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The Spring Schedule post i keep talking about.

Introduction to Women’s Studies
This is a must because it’s only offered in the spring and is a prerequisite for other classes i want to take.
It is only offered MWF 11-12:10

Women Mystics Theology of Love
I know my mom would love this, but we’re talking my schedule here. However, it does look good, and i hear Liz Carr is wonderful. So i’m thinking of auditing this class.
It is TR 9-10:20

A one-credit class i absolutely want to take.
Monday 7:30-9:10pm

And then here’s the other ones i’m thinking of taking.

Language Acquisition
Because i really wanna be an English Language and Literature major.
TR 10:30-11:50

American Literature (1865-1914)
Because it’s Michael Thurston. (The bastard isn’t teaching Modern American Poetry this spring.)
TR 1-2:20

Social Psychology
Because sometimes i like to pretend that i wanna be a Soc major. I dunno. I could just take this some other semester.
TR 1:10-2:30

Sociology of Crime
Because it’s Kim Lyons. I could of course just take this some other semester.
TR 3-4:50

So that gives me 3 classes, 2 potentials, an audit, and the self-defense class. I really want the 5-College thing to have its spring classes up. I have MWF afternoons available if i don’t take Social Psychology and TR afternoons if i don’t take Sociology of Crime. I have morning classes every day, so that leaves me 2 or 3 afternoons to work. Okay, that’s doable. I had been thinking i didn’t have any free afternoons and would have to tell Ann i couldn’t work next semester and get a job in town on the weekends. I’m considering that for next year, but it’s nice to not have to worry about that just yet. I would really like a job that’s not office work, though. Filing and answering phones is really not my thing i have learned. (Plus, transferring calls on their phone system scares me.) But as i said in the last post, i’m getting to like a lot of the people who work there, and that always makes it harder to leave a job. Sigh. I told Ann i would work both semesters this year, and i will, but i really don’t think i’m gonna keep the job next year. Okay, a year of office skills, nice for my resume. Art Museum really doesn’t relate to anything i wanna do with my life, though. I would much rather work in a library or a bookstore. If Buffy ends this year i would love to work for the Poetry Center. (I couldn’t do it when i refuse to attend their scheduled readings in favor of a TV show.) But yeah, not worrying about that yet.

[introductory information: Doug Patey is on sabbatical this semester but next semester is "team teaching" HSC 112 Images and Understanding with Marjorie Senechal, MTW 11-12:10]

Gonzo523: I've abandoned Austen and am now planning my class schedule. Is Patey worth suffering through Milton, I ask you?


Gonzo523: I need your opinion on 100-level classes. Wussy or OK?
VelmasLizard: Perfectly okay, though i understand your hesitance. I think we both take kick-ass classes and therefore no one will look down on us for taking 100-level classes.
VelmasLizard: Besides, with shitloads of extracurriculars, you deserve some not-killer classes.
Gonzo523: OK. I hope he's good then. I'm arranging my schedule around a 100-level class outside of my major.
Gonzo523: (laughs) I'm a butthead.
VelmasLizard: But it's DOUG. :-D
Gonzo523: All I know about him is that he looks like one of the Daily Show commentators and he likes Scrabble!
VelmasLizard: And that he's very nice and intelligent and i and half the English majors on campus adore him.
Gonzo523: It's OK. I saw him speak at that one debate-thingie and decided I wanted to have his babies. I'm not really using any logic here at all.
VelmasLizard: *nods, vigorously*


VelmasLizard: <--is skimming the English Dept. faculty information
"Michael Tracy Thurston." The poor boy.
Gonzo523: I think that's the single most adorable thing ever. I need to take a class with him now.
VelmasLizard: I'm sad that Michael's not teaching Modern American Poetry this spring.
Gonzo523: Yeah, that is too bad. I sort of like modern poetry.
Gonzo523: OK...new question.
Gonzo523: It says that Dougey Lane is teaching AND some lady named Marjorie...but there's only one time slot. What's that about?
VelmasLizard: Co-teaching. (technically, "team teaching")
Gonzo523: Hmmm...I am dubious.
VelmasLizard: Yeah, i thought you might be. I had forgotten about the co-teaching thing since i'm not taking it until you mentioned it.
Gonzo523: Now I'm singing to the tune of "Penny Lane": 'Dougey Laaaane is in my eaaaar and in my eye! There beneath the bluuuuue suburban sky!'
Gonzo523: I can't get it out of my head.
VelmasLizard: LMAO
VelmasLizard: I should make some sort of sexual joke, but i can't think of anything.
Gonzo523: That's OK. I think I'm doing just fine as it is.
Gonzo523: ;-)
VelmasLizard: Okay.


VelmasLizard: I heart your away message hardcore.

Auto response from Gonzo523: What do you do when the future father of your children royally screws up your course schedule?

Gonzo523: Thanks. It's very accurate. With his MTW crap-schedule, I can't do Chaucer OR Milton. Amusingly enough, I could've taken Shakespeare. [a class she’s taking this semester]
VelmasLizard: teehee. And yes, the MTW thing is such crap.
Gonzo523: It's not a hugely big deal. I can take it and still also have a choice between a Thurston class or a Autobiography class that only meets once a week. This is very hard.
VelmasLizard: I vote for the Autobiography class, though i'm sure Thurston could make burnt toast interesting.
VelmasLizard: The American Lit. class does actually sound interesting. I really never wanna hear the term "Romantic" ever again, though.
Gonzo523: That's just it. He could make burnt toast interesting...I actually think I'd have to opt for that one.
VelmasLizard: Dammit, looking at the course description i'm tempted. This is no good.
Gonzo523: I KNOW! I hate this. It's sort of fun, though. Like a puzzle.
Gonzo523: Except it's a puzzle with a misshapen crap piece entitled "MTW class".

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