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CSI 7.11 "Leaving Las Vegas" [watched on tape: 2007-01-07]

I liked the way the opening was shot, starting with the Bellagio, panning out, turning to black and white, panning back in to the windmill and house.

Having done a mini-SVU binge over the Break, it was a little jarring to hear the name "Novak." To my credit, I did recall that we know him from "Weeping Willows."

Wow, could Hodges be any more in love with Grissom? (And of course I heart the Hampshire reference.)

Nick: "Sabbatical" is usually a euphemism for "sayonara". I don't think Grissom's comin' back.
Catherine: Why wouldn't he?
Nick: I don't know, he shaved his beard, lost a little weight, he's been leaving when shift is over- I think he even took a day off last week.
Catherine: Maybe he's got himself a girlfriend.
Nick: That's what I'm saying! You know, I thought you were gonna leave a few months back.
Catherine: Why, 'cause I shaved my beard?

She explains about her dad's money and Nick says, "Well I'm glad that someone's sticking around." This jarred me a little 'cause hi, who else is leaving?

Grissom calls Warrick "the rock of my team" and says, "I'm a teacher without any students."

Did they use the same shot for both houses? 'Cause yeah, mad similar.

The girl cop in Larkston or wherever seemed almost too helpful and I wondered if we were supposed to be suspicious of her (though that could have been blamed on mediocre acting/lines as well).

PPACE, union rep... way to go being so helpful, Grissom. Of course we the viewer are reminded of Sara pre-inquest telling him to be nice to Greg.

"I don't know you."
"You can call me Catherine."
"Unless you're here for a conjugal, I ain't calling you anything."
"What do you like to be called?"
" 'The best I ever had.' "
I don't dislike Catherine, but I get really uncomfortable when she uses sex.

Grissom, to Nick: "I'll be back in four weeks. Stop hugging me."
Nick: "Yes, sir."

The "this is my house" line I knew of course Finch had shown up there disoriented after days of driving.

The composition notebook filled with "There's no place like home" was creepy (and yes of course I thought of The Shining).

Catherine: "Just trying to keep my faith in the court system." sigrun complained about them trying to redeem Novak, but I don't so much see that. I think Catherine definitely isn't buying Novak's redemption attempt -- or perhaps more accurately, she doesn't necessarily not believe it, but it isn't going to make her any fonder toward him.

Catherine: "Everyone deserves justice. If not the first time, then the second."

And we see Sara for the first time all episode -- which seems fitting. She says, "I'll see you when you get back," and looks so very sad, and he wrings his hands, and all he can manage to say is "I'll miss you." [Er, I realize that sounds like a criticism of him, but it isn't intended as such.]

And then a package arrives for Grissom, and we see that everyone who said the ending of the miniature killer arc was too easy was in fact correct.
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