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CSI 5.02 "Down the Drain" [rerun: 2007-01-07]

[Many quotes taken from tv.com, and twiztv.com]

That opening shot? Looked like a castle. With the rain and everything, great shot.

Dude, don't look back at the rushing water, just keep running.

Grissom: "He lost all his points."
Catherine: "Like a rock in a tumbler."

Grissom: "Well, at least we know where he came from." [shines his flashlight down the sewer.]
Catherine: "Aren't we going to at least draw straws?"
Grissom: "Naw."

Their cell phones work underground?

I love Grissom watching Greg at the autopsy.

Grissom: "If you're gonna be sick, Greg, do it in the sink."
Doc Robbins: "Not in the drain pan."
Greg: "I don't feel sick. "

Catherine: "So this isn't about drugs or beatin' up homeless dudes, it's just plain stupidity."

Sara, to Greg: "I heard you finally lost your virginity."

Sara: "What were you expecting, a ball a light?"

Greg: "Doc Robbins sais that's all we really are."
Sara: "It's what you do with it that counts."

Grissom: "Good, you're here. [throws a cup at him] Fill this up for me, will ya?"
Greg: "With what?"
Grissom: "It's a urine specimen cup, Greg. What do you think?"

baby pig!

Greg: "This is some kind of CSI hazing. Make me appreciate blood and semen more."

Warrick, to Sara: "Put down your stuff and step away from the closet."
And after he tells her the second time he literally pulls her by the back collar of her shirt. ♥

pipe-bombs are a Class-B felony (says Brass)

Sara: "I don't have a death wish, and I'm not a drunk. In case you were worried."
Grissom: "I'm not worried. [Beat or two] I'm concered."
Sara [smiles, then] "Isn't that kind of the same thing?"

Sara: "Are we clear to get back in there?"
Rick Dysart: (shakes his head) "We're not through. We swept the house for booby traps. It was clean, but we still haven't done a full search yet."
Catherine: "Well, why don't you clear an area and we'll process behind you."
Rick Dysart: "Scene will still be under my authority."
Catherine: "I don't have a problem with authority."

Owen Durbin (threatening Catherine and Brass): "You talk to my mother like that again, I'll kill you. I'll kill both of you!"
Yeah, you're totally helping your case there, kid.

Brass: "Well, the kid gets murder, mom's an accessory, and dad gets felony explosives. It's a family-value pack."
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