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Without a Trace 5.05 "The Damage Done" [watched on tape: 2006-11-15]

When they said "Giordano kid" I remembered having seen that episode, though I don't remember much about it. ["Requiem" (4.22)].

neighbor: "... Albanian mob ... if you call the police, you better have a damn good reason."

"Are you dense or just disrespectful?"
Jack: "Disrespectful."

Julia: "You say you don't want this life for him, yet you keep dragging him into it."
This is kind of the crux of my problem with Sadik as far as his relationship with his kid.

Julia: "There was a knock at the door. I didn't think; I just opened it."
How incredibly dense is that? Especially since when Sadik leaves he explicitly tells her to lock up behind him. Of course this is made okay by the ending wherein we learn the whole story was a fake.

Travis: "Hope you find him. The kid saved my life."

"20 years... would he be better off with Odetta? with a mother?"
This is in my notes and I don't exactly recall what it's about -- I wanna say that the dad was gonna be in prison for twenty years and wouldn't his kid have been better off with somebody other than him.

Julia: "Where'd you get that?"
kid: "In Daddy's drawer; it's heavy."

Sadik: "Who did this to him?"
unspoken: "You did."
Tags: tv: without a trace, tv: without a trace (s5)

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