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Without a Trace 5.06 "The Calm Before" [watched on tape: 2006-11-25]

<http://www.tv.com/without-a-trace/the-calm-before/episode/894557/summary.html> tv.com</a> said this was their 100th episode.

At the info about the NOLA relocation the dream made sense.

fight club!

$10thou/fight fine?! The libertarian in me bristles at this since I think people should be free to hurt themselves if they want, though I do understand the logic behind making fight clubs illegal.

Elena (on how she got somebody to help her out): "What can I say? He loved my accent and my voice."
Danny: "I love your voice and your accent."
Hi, I could do without additional intra-office romances, thanks.

shovel... oh God... I mean, what else could he have done? but that's so awful on so many levels (mostly I feel really bad for the dad who killed him)

Sherise: "We just kept waiting. All those days."

Sherise: "I'm sure you've seen horrible things."
Sam: "It's not the same."

Sam: "Okay, how does a 16-year-old become a regular at a bar?"

Jesse: "There's nothing you two guys can do to make my life any worse than it already is. I got nothin' left."

pinned under a board: left to die in abandoned house

Jack (after fall down stairs): "I'm too old for this crap."
Why doesn't he call up then?

Jack: "I'm gonna try to move this."
me: "If that's a structural support...."

6 years ago, back when Jack was first in this job, he worked 20hrs/day for 3 months on a case -- "I think about her [the missing girl] from time to time; I think about her mother every day."
This feels like an overkill statement.

I really like the song playing at the end here.

Sam: "Are you okay?"
Jack: "No. There's no excuse for what they let happen down there. It's unbelievable."
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