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Without a Trace 5.07 "All the Sinners, Saints" [watched on tape: 2006-11-25]

tv.com says: This episode first aired the week of All Saints' Day.

Dude, is that screaming upstairs? Oh, exorcism.

Priest: "Sleep now."
me: He leaves without unchaining her?

Katie Duncan -- summer intern '02 -- his last day at white collar -- Millie from Payroll, Dave from Security...

priest: "No offense, but none of these medical degrees are doing your sister any good."

brother, to Martin: "Katie said you were always very nice to her."
And Martin's guilt at completely not remembering her like doubles.

Katie: "I'm just afraid... that if I have kids, they're gonna be like me."

[Note for detail-oriented self: Martin and Danny are both Catholic.]

Jack: "If I was taking notes, I'd write that down."

Jack: "Other than soft extradition laws, what's in Mexico?"

lawyer: "You made tapes!"

Ann: "Jack, every time you deal with the church doesn't mean you're gonna run into a conspiracy."
Jack: "Look, I think I know these people better than you."
Ann: "That's true, but I don't have a massive chip on my shoulder."

Jack: "Look, everybody in New York wants a brand-new apartment."
Ann: "But I may be the only one who believes in the apartment-as-a-metaphor for a relationship thing."
Jack: "As long as you're happy."
Ann: "It scares me when you're reasonable."
Jack [smiles]

brother: "It's four a.m. [...] You haven't slept in three days."

"I have a niece who's bipolar."

Katie: "I don't wanna get anybody in trouble."
boss: "Katie, c'mon, you've gotta tell me. Otherwise I'm just gonna have to fire everybody."

vodka gimlet cologne
Who makes this stuff up?

"get away from her"
replay: "you're killing her"

Yup, for the longest time I totally thought she had witnessed harassment guy kill the woman. The dissociation makes sense, though. And dude, harassment guy = the suck; he's totally culpable in a grand scheme way for what happened (since he made Katie believe the boss was totally into her) even though not in a legal way.

mom: "Understand, it's all unusual."
She tuned her out, she [daughter] had been sick for so long, she [mom] was so tired.
Man, I seriously feel for the mother. I totally could not handle that; there is treatment (imperfect as it is) so I wouldn't feel quite right about my "just kill them" attitude (which I have in a lot of cases, despite my concurrent belief that killing is wrong in any situation -- an ideal that doesn't translate into the practical) but I would be feeling about like that.

Ann: "Sorry sorry sorry. Did you say 'extract' a confession?"

Ann: "We are in escrow."
Jack: "We are? On that dump?"

song playing over the suicide includes the line "just make it go away"
[tv.com says it's "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush]

And of course Martin stops and finds out the receptionist's name (Bonnie).

I like Ann's jacket -- even though it's probably leather and therefore squicky.

[Jackson 5 "I'll Be There" plays.]
Ann: "Do you wanna dance?"
Jack: "Would I kill the moment if I said No?"
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