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Without a Trace 5.08 "Win Today" [watched on tape: 2006-12-02]

[Many quotes taken from tv.com]

"Due to violent content, viewer discretion is advised."

I saw the ad during the preceding CSI and assumed it was gonna be all "zomg, Jack might die, and lo he has a baby on the way." Was glad it turned out to be about Jack being competent.

"If I move in, I'm bringing my knives; yours suck."

In the first interview, the girlfriend looks like Dark Angel Jessica Alba.

Viv: "So who's gonna go in, she asks, already knowing the answer."

Viv: "Just be careful with the government's money."
Jack: "Why? They're not."

Jack with cigarette and leather jacket "I'm compassionate."

Elena: "Any word from Jack on the BatPhone?"

Elena: "Okay, so we're doing a pool. How much Jack's gonna lose when he's under. So what can I put you down for?"

Jack collapses in bathroom... blue female boot appears... great shot

Sam: "Wow, Jack can't seem to catch a break, huh?"
Elena: "You're the only one who's backing him. Do you really think he's that good?"
Sam: "Honestly, I just figured I'd go for the long shot."
Elena: "Risk big, win big; I like it."

Danny: "I wanna change my bet about Jack."
Elena: "Nope, sorry, you can't. I wrote it in Sharpie. Bye."

Jack: "Look, lady, I'll put the lotion in the basket, whatever it is you want."
Silence of the Lambs!

Cynthia Neuwirth: "You know what Joe Torre says."
Jack: "No, I don't know, what? Go Yankees?"
Cynthia Neuwirth: "Win today. And he's just got is George Steinbrenner to worry about, not some crazy bitch with a nail gun."
I initially thought it looked like a staple gun, but that makes more sense.

She has no reason to tell him; she can just threaten again.

"I wouldn't have known it was a con, except, I got greedy. I went back the following morning with an extra five thou and when I saw Stark vacuuming the lobby, I knew."

"I should have known something was going on."
"The way she looked at him."

Well played, Martin (when Jack calls).

Cynthia to Jack: "It took me ten minutes to figure out your tell in the club. You blink when you bluff."

Tell her the truth now, Jack. Do not wait until after she plants a nail in your chest.

Jack: "You won't do it."
Cynthia: "You have no idea what I will do. Don't tell me."

Jack: "It's complicated when you fall in love with your partner."
Cynthia: "He's not my partner. He's my son."

Cynthia: "Yeah, you find him, you send him to jail."
Jack: "Better than finding him dead."

Jack, to Cynthia: "Wake up lady, you've been conned."
Jack, sometimes I think you're not the smartest -- antagonizing the person who has the upper hand against you.

Cynthia: "Why'd you help me?"
Jack: "Win today, right?"

oh god, Jack -- pulling his hand up
That image haunted me for days.

Danny: "We're gonna need a medic."
HIs voice sounds near tears/vomit.

Jack: "Heard you took the long odds on me."
Sam: "Glad I was right."
Jack: "Me, too."

Alex: "Was she gonna kill me?"
Jack: "She was... she just wanted her money back."
I have such mixed feelings about this, because I am so all about truth, but of course it would have broken the poor guy to find out the truth and it's not like it would have made anything better so there was no real reason for Jack to tell him the truth.
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