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Without a Trace 5.09 "Watch Over Me" [watched on tape: 2006-12-03]

Well-acted: it's clear from our first glimpse of him in that social worker office area that Danny looks like he doesn't wanna be there.

Jack still with a bandage on his hand; yay continuity.

Ann, to Jack: "I know your definition of later."

Danny: "It's not the guns they're afraid of; it's the clipboards."

Danny: "Sam, look at the board. This guy's life sucks. What if he just left on his own?"
Sam: "Well this guy didn't leave a note. He just disappeared." [referring to a social worker who quit, just leaving a note, when Danny was a kid]

Yeah, I totally knew it wasn't an affair, that it was the same mom.

Elena(?): "No, I'm not dealing with a deadline, thank you very much; I'm dealing with an idiot."

As soon as Ann started having pains I was near-literally yelling at the tv: "Call somebody!"

Damon's gonna kill the baby to save her from the system? Yeah, I was initially very in the dark as to where they were going with this.

Martin: "Does Transit have any cameras there?"
Danny: "I hope not, because if they do, they're wasting taxpayers' money."

Jack: "I'm giving you a choice between preventing a murder and being charged with on, that's it."

nice shot, Viv!

Did Ann miscarry?

Ann: "I think my battery's dead."
I am undecided as to whether I think her battery was already dead and thus she suffered alone in the apartment, or that she called 911 and got talked through it, or that she's lying and her phone was off (do phones go straight to voicemail if they're off? they should).

Danny: "You know, he used his job to work through some personal issues. It's not right."
Sam: "Then what the hell are we doing here?"

Jack: "I felt like I owed it to you."
Sam: "Why? Because we had a fling while you were married?"
I totally understand where both of them are coming from on this on.
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