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Without a Trace 5.10 "The Thing With Feathers" [watched on tape: 2006-12-18]

LOVE the title! As tv.com says:
The episode title, "The Thing With Feathers," is inspired by an Emily Dickinson poem, "Hope" is the thing with feathers, where 'hope' is a bird that continues to sing regardless of what is happening.
Not gonna lie, though, my immediate thought is always of the Erma Bombeck book I Want to Grow Hair, I Want to Grow Up, I Want to Go to Boise: Children Surviving Cancer.

Audrey: "I'm good."
Gabe: "I"ll go along with that. If you want me to."
Audrey: "It's a party, not our support group. I can be shallow and dishonest if I wanna be."

[Audrey bursts into tears.]
Gabe: "I seem to be having that effect on people today."

John de Lancie! Playing a grey-haired guy.

Danny to Sam: "You know, you have way too much pride."

Danny: "Can I have additional drivers for 300, please?"
Danny and Martin in unison: "Who is Ryan Leonard?"

Audrey: "I try to do that visualization, that one where Pacmen eat it, and all I see is the tumor, sitting in the middle of my brain, giving me the finger."

Jack: "She's more than angry; she's a dying woman without medication."

I heart sparkly Audrey!

husband: "I know it's your job, but I really appreciated all y-- all you're doing. Thank you."

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the flashbacks. I mean, I get that different cases hit different agents, but I feel like that whole medical arc was the only life-outside-of-work info we've seen of Viv (which is somewhat fitting, since she tends to keep the two spheres separate), so I feel somewhat uncomfortable having it brought up yet again.

Jack: " 'Washed-up architect stiffs dying woman.' Should play well on the evening news."

Cara: "I thought I was getting a deal."
Viv: "And Audrey thought she was getting a cure."

Viv: "She was desperate."
Cara: "Aren't most dying people?"

Jack to Viv: "At least you know the haystack you're looking for is 22 years old."

I like the montage of calling places.

Oh, wow, she was pressured into accusing for a scholarship.

"You were just fodder in an adult battle."
"So, life gave me salt; I made margaritas."
"Well then, consider me fixed."
"Screw the results, relish the process."

When they say she was wobbly and was with some guy, I thought, "accidental death policy."
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