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Without a Trace 5.11 "Fade-Away" [watched on tape: 2006-12-19]

In the opening, the soon-to-be-missing kid looks space cadety.

Isn't your time up -- buzzer after the shot is taken but before the ball makes it to the hoop. Yeah, I guess it makes sense that it would still count, since you took your action before time was up. Hi, I am so not a sports person.

[Guest star: Marina Sirtis!]

Jack: "So what do we do now?"
Ann: "There's a procedure."
Jack: [takes her hand]

Elena: "No girlfriend that we know about."
me: "Boyfriend?"

Wow, the limo guy is hella sketch.

Ann: "Single, married, divorced, other.
Jack: "Well, I think think we have all of 'em pretty much covered."

Ann: "They look like children."
Jack: "I know. It's amazing what clubs you find yourself in."

Jack: "I am the damn police."

The coach says that sometimes the most noble act a man can do is to stay silent.
me: With Ted's family history, that is not gonna fly.

nurse: "Mr. Maloney."

Ann: "I really wanted this."
Jack: "Me, too."
And I think we're supposed to suspect that this is the first time he has really meant that in this situation.

girl: "Okay, I want you to leave right now." [points]
Ted: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell."
girl: "You can't make it right. He took something away from me, and you let him. And now we're both gonna have to live with that."

taxi... Ann's leaving?!


Ann: "What, you were expecting real wisdom?"
Jack: "No, but i was expecting something comprehensible."

Ann: "No, baby, I don't think we're anybody's idea of fortune."
Jack: "I will try very hard not to take that personally."

Ann: "We met. You introduced me to your boss."
Jack: "I was married."
Ann: "And then I was married."
Jack: "And then we both weren't."
Ann: "And now we're having a baby."
Jack: "Right."
Ann: "Any sane person would wonder what we're doing."
Jack: "Well clearly we're not sane."
Ann: "Oh I'll drink to that."
Jack: "No you won't, we're having a baby."
Ann: [laughs]
Jack: "You want a cigarette?"
Ann: [laughs]

I don't think I've said it before (at least not in this set of writeups), but I really like Jack&Ann, even though they should in no way have existed in the first place what with happily-married!Ann's husband so recently dead and all.
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