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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Without a Trace 2.07 "A Tree Falls" [rerun: 2006-12-30]

Jack looks older with his floppy hair than he does now, many seasons later.

Fr. Warner...
Especially with "All the Sinners, Saints" (5.07), I don't know how to parse Jack's relationship with the church.

I liked the recurrent theme of people wanting to stay under the radar (hence the ep title): illegal immigrants, sex offender.

It still astounds me that people actually say (and mean) shit like that. [Yes I know he's a fictional character, but obviously they wouldn't use the line if it were entirely unbelievable.]

Ew to the ear.

Interesting that they have a previous missing kid whose case the police ignored. You've kind of forgotten about it by the end of the episode, but still; how does this missing persons department work, anyway? I've always had the impression that it exists solely of Jack's team -- servicing the whole NYC&beyond area (because conveniently, only one person ever goes missing at a time).

Props to the guy sliding the knife under his newspaper.

Martin finds the girl, goes to the window, vomits, hits the guy, the guy grabs a knife, Martin shoots -- three times! Hello, control problems. [I love the part where he gets sick, though, and I do understand his freaking out reaction.]

Vivian LIES for him!

Jack goes to see Fr. Warner again. And I like that we're left with ambiguity about how that whole "You look like a guy who needs to talk" thing plays out.

Sam asks Martin out for a drink or whatever and he shoots her down. Remind me when again it is that they're dating?
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