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Without a Trace 5.12 "Tail Spin [2007-01-07]

Hi, I am jealous of their snow-having.

Sam looks really good in her tailored winter jacket set. And then I double-taked that she was wearing a regular shirt (short-sleeved, striped, greenish).

Ann no longer works there?

I so fail at person identification; the guy in the photo and the guy at the door looked supah-similar to me.

Viv: "Talk about a job that'll drive you to drink."
Elena: "Well if you help me, guess what, I'll buy the martinis."
Viv: "I'm worth more than that."

Danny staring at Elena... I kinda rolled my eyes. See also 5.06 "The Calm Before." Seriously, this show does not need more intra-ofice romances, plus there is like no reason for them to hook up other than Elena is a total hottie (which, okay, valid, but still).

Jack sneaking to the vending machine... "Is this seat taken?"
I liked Sam calling him on how he can't have it both ways, and stating firmly that she doesn't care what he does in his personal life, and him saying that if he were to confide in anyone it would be her -- and I wanna see the earlier episodes when they actually hook up, because even though it's totally trainwrecky and wrong they totally hit one of my narrative kinks (see also Rogue/Logan).

Jack in bizarrely geeky glasses.

The NTSB guy = Tuvok!

I like that Owen rejects Jack's connection attempt and how Jack just continues along matter-of-factly.

Owen, you stupid fucked-up kid. $13,000! ("I thought I could double it.") Of course, I am so deeply risk-averse that the appeal of gambling is just so difficult to wrap my mind around.

Sam: "Another happy ending."
Jack: "Mm-hmm."
I love the way he says thst, that almost-noncomittal almost-sarcastic. And of course we knew that eventually he was going to tell Sam exactly what he does: "Ann lost the baby." And I love Sam's face there.


Ah, blurbs, how you fail sometimes.

tvguide.com/listings says, "An air-traffic controller and his son vanish, and the disappearance may have something do with a recent mishap at the airport where the man works."

tv.com says, "The team tries to determine whether or not the recent disappearance of an air traffic controller has connections to the Middle East."
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