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and so begins my busy week

I fought with Mail Merge for about an hour (after one of the techs spent about as long "finessing" moving the contacts from Palm to Outlook) and finally succeeded in recreating what I did last year -- having forgotten each steps until I was actually working my way through it.  Yeah, I definitely saved a bunch of my files for next year.

We went out as a family to celebrate my mom's birthday.  I got the train before my mom and brother, so I stopped by the library to say hi to people (though not many interesting people turned out to be working).  I arrived back at the train station just as the train began pulling in.  Impeccable timing.

The food was good, though smaller portions than I had been expecting (ordering appetizers was definitely not a problem), though I still filled up well.  I opted not to get an eight dollar glass of Riesling, in part because I just wasn't feeling in the mood to drink it.

After hearing my mom tell the story of when I got chicken pox, I said, "First-time parents for the win."

"I validate the dancing hippos."  I feel safe in suggesting that my mother was the first person to ever make that particular sentence.

My brother and I discussed vacuous truth ("if you pick up a guinea pig by its tail its eyes will fall out").  Ah, Logic 100.  We both felt like there was another term for it, though.

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