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on the serious up-and-up

from today's Metro, page 2: "After 80 years as the Ritz-Carlton, the famous hotel on Arlington Street will be changing its name to the Taj today."
I am upset to an irrational degree by this. (I think I'm just attached to being able to say, "tea at the Ritz.")

Via a mishearing with Alyssa, I learned that there is Toad as well as Toast.

Today I ordered three bottles of Vampire Wine (Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon) and looked at coffee tables on Target.com as well as evite card designs.

paper_crystals got to be the first of my non-work people to meet Eric. And it was a fun lunch generally. Complete with my threatening to make out with Eric. It began with me saying to him: "Did you just stick your tongue out at me? Do that again and I'll grab it right out of your mouth." (And going to get lunch, Nicole saw me and said she'd heard I was having a rough day and bought me some of this plantain banana thing from the dessert table. It had cinnamon! I totally didn't realize that until I opened it up. It also has coconut, sliced almonds, and blueberries -- which is all yummy and good, but the cinnamon is for the win.)

I have mad love for the PotC: 3 promo pics (via penknife). I am now officially excited for the movie. May 25, huh? I still need to see the second movie (am on the ILL list).
I think I may need to revamp my "cubicle" decorations. I still have to put up a new Allie art [well, less-new by now, I suppose], plus I have these.

Plus, Jonah loves me more than a feminist loves Margaret Atwood. And I got Oryx and Crake from the library yesterday.
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