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Firefly (fic-writing) questions

I went to bed and then spent the better part of an hour working through a Firefly fic idea, so I turned the computer back on to get it written up.  One of my difficulties with the fic is figuring out when during the canon timeline it can take place, and I was thinking about how my Firefly fics tend to just exist in the universe but not particularly in the timeline, unless they're connected to some specific canon event.  This is not how I function with BtVS/Angel fic, where rooting it in the canon timeline is very important and it wouldn't occur to me to do otherwise.  I wonder if this is in part because Firefly doesn't have such a defining arc/timeline as Joss' other shows do.  I'm also curious as to whether I'm alone in functioning this way.

Question the second (prompted in part by recent discussion with mosca): Anyone wanna chime in with thoughts and/or point me to meta on contraception in the Firefly-verse?  We don't see any evidence of condom cleanup in the Kaylee/Bester scene, but of course sloppy writing on the part of the "canon" is not necessarily an excuse for us ficwriters.  I have a basic idea as to what my theory is with Inara (though of course feel free to point me to thoughts on that) and am wondering how to fit the Tams into that (since they're Core but civilian), so thoughts/links on that would be particularly appreciated.
Tags: fanfic: writing

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