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How I Met Your Mother 2.11 "How Lily Stole Christmas" [watched on tape: 2006-12-19]

"Grinch"? My initial thought was "bitch" 'cause of the soundalike, but I would think it has to be "cunt" for it to be such a big deal word.

Ted: "No more ice cream until you tell me one thing that's wrong with Lily."
Ted (after describing Lily leaving for the summer): "What would you call that?"
Marshall: "Fiercely independent... brave."

Barney calling Lily a "laugh slut."

Barney: "You kiss your mother with that mouth?"
Ted: "Like you've never said that word?"
Barney: "I don't kiss your mother with my mouth. Yet."

Barney (after blowing his nose): "My nose was just overflowing with awesome and I had to get some of it out."

Come on, we know from "Aldrin Justice" (2.06) that the "we are not in kindergarten" argument does not work with Lily; of course she was gonna call his mom (who calls him "Ted Evelyn Mosby").

sick!Barney (to Robin): "I hate you. / Don't leave me."

Robin: "You mean the whiny bottomless pit of neediness?" [She explains that she drugged him to knock him out.]
Ted: "You're gonna be a great mom."

Marshall (on the Christmas decorations): "And thank God we don't pay for utilities."

song: "back door Santa"

Marshall got Lily the best Christmas present ever: the Easy Bake Oven Ted told him she had always wanted.

Pulp Fiction! I have actually seen that movie, so I even got the reference (the Bible verse).

tv.com says: "Clint, Ted's Mother's new boyfriend, was played by Harry Groener. He played Mayor Wilkins on Buffy The Vampire Slayer."
How did I miss that? [P.S. Yes I did correct their spelling of "Wilkins" when I c&p-ed.]
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