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Without a Trace 5.13 "Eating Away" [2007-01-14]

Football must have run late, 'cause I caught snippets of Cold Case (4.13 "Blackout") trying to watch Without a Trace. Ew, squicky incest. I know this is not something I usually say, but the grandma creeped me out, there was no chemistry (in the little bit I saw, I couldn't decide whether the grandson actually felt fondly toward his grandmother or just knew how to play the game). And that she started with her son? ::shudders:: Dub-con [dubious consent] is a serious narrative kink of mine, but the woman in this episode just screamed nonconsensual exploitation.

The case is from 1996, so I actually recognized the music:
DMB - "Typical Situation"
Goo Goo Dolls - "Name"

tv.com gives the full list:
- "One Headlight" by The Wallflowers
- "World I Know" by Collective Soul
- "Bang and Blame" by R.E.M.
- "December" by Collective Soul
- "Typical Situation" by Dave Matthews Band
- "Name" by The Goo Goo Dolls


Elena learned "TTYL" from Sophie, her 7-year-old daughter, who learned it from Elena's mother.

Danny: "Some people hit baseballs, we find missing people, this guy eats. Everybody has a talent."

Ah, here we get the reveal about Danny's history with Elena. Was friends with Carlos, her ex. I recall some of the stuff last summer about Danny and Elena's history mentioning something about a wedding or something, so that makes sense. (I was also beginning to wonder where the father of Elena's child was.)

I wish that my Spanish was good enough that I could catch what he (Danny, mostly) was saying.

I dislike that they've built up Danny's sexual interest in Elena 'cause it taints him here. Like, I believe that he's altruistic, but a recent viewer would think he was lying to Carlos.

[[ missing person alert: born 11-03-06, missing 12-01-06 -- quel depressing ]]

Viv was Bailey-esque awesome with "We already told you: that's not for you to decide."

Barry's mom was a prostitute (and an alcoholic -- do we think Barry knew something was up and dumped the bottle? I'm guessing no, but still) and offered them food as shutup/comfort.

Oh, and here Danny breaks the "I'm not taking sides" and is all over Elena. Bah. Largely I just don't feel the chemistry at all.
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