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CSI 7.12 "Sweet Jane" [watched on tape: 2007-01-21]

opening (and recurring) music: "Sweet Jane" (which tv.com tells me is by Velvet Underground)

Watching this episode I was very aware of the exposition, but what else are you gonna do? They have to introduce the new guy, and it makes sense in their world that there would be exposition about Vegas to the new guy.

Catherine says: "That how you do things back in Baltimore? [...] We don't touch the body until coroner releases it."
I was annoyed that after that exchange she removes the fiber he notices.

Keppler: "Hear you got one of the fastest growing murder rates in the country."
Brass: "Yeah, we're very competitive."

Brass: "That a Philly accent I hear?"
Keppler: "Trenton, born and bred."
Brass: "My condolences; I'm from Newark."

Slew of "While you were out" phone messages all from "Frank." So our recurring character gets a history as well as a personality (he plays the dry and mildly creepy well).

Catherine: "You're a CSI, not a profiler."
Keppler: "What's the difference?"
Catherine: "Evidence."
And then she totally takes charge. Which, I mean, Grissom totally did leave her in charge, but it's like I expected Keppler to take over.

Warrick points out that each body dump site was the highest crime rate area in the city at the time. Which is brilliant, but for them to simultaneously match a spiral out from the killer's place of work? Seems too easy.

Hodges (worried about hantavirus) to Nick: "If I start leaking blood from my eyeballs, I'm blaming you."
(And yes, HIMYM has ruined me on phrases like "glove up.")

Oh god, the pan from the pristine funeral over to the empty field, the 3-to-a-grave markers and boxes.

Robbins: "See the sutured cut across the top of her head and the Y-incision?"
Catherine: "No."
Robbins: "That's because they're not there."
Catherine: "So the original M.E. didn't even do an autopsy?"
Robbins: "What can I say? He was a lazy bastard."
Keppler: "That's criminal malfeasance."
Robbins: "Well if you wanna tell him, I can dig him up too."

Keppler: "I worked a mass fatality fire in Phily -- learned a lot about teeth."

Keppler (on "Dr. Dave): "I don't know, kinda reminds me of my Uncle Ralph."
Catherine: "Except for the serial killer part, I hope."
Keppler: "Haven't seen him in a while. Who knows?"

It's kinda weird that Dr. Dave is so blasely "Yeah, I did it," since their evidence is hardly a solid case against him. Their idea that he keeps himself under control -- only killing every ten years or so -- also doesn't seem to match his "I had a great life" calmness.
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