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BloodRayne (2005)

I've had a headache all day, my bedroom is a disaster, and I attempted to go clothes shopping this afternoon (we know how much I love that).

SciFi was showing BloodRayne (tvguide.com/listings says: "Ludicrous adaptation of the gory video game about a sexy vampire slayer battling her bloodsucking father and his undead army.").  Clearly it was the thing to watch. 

It so clearly is based on a video game, but I am okay with that.  I am also okay with the the improbable female clothing and the throwaway lesbic moments [P.S. SciFi totally blurs out the girlparts in the harem scene; hee] and even the Sebastian/Rayne UST (culminating in the necklace swap).  And the general implausibility of some bits (like bringing the Brimstone people in alive and not opening the box to make sure Rayne was telling the truth -- esp. since Kagan flat-out says he hadn't expected it to be so easy).  I really enjoyed one of the guys saying "I can't believe that worked." re: the trick they played on the jailer.  Oh, and of course the issue of why they didn't destroy the talismans rather than hiding and guarding them.

I am such a dork, though, totally paying attention to what the vampire mythos of the movie was.
Like that when you stab a vampire through the heart (with anything, doesn't need to be wood) they spurt blood and turn ancient.
The water thing made me think of Annette Curtis Klause's The Silver Kiss because that's the first place I ever saw vampire mythology regarding water -- and I've barely seen it anywhere since.

Oh, btw, props to Sebastian to throwing the bottle of holy water and then shooting it with the arrow (though even leaving aside the issue of what a good shot he would have to be, isn't it hard to break glass with an arrow?).

Sebastian/Vladimir: "What of Katarin, is she still alive?"
Rayne: "If not, then she died with honor, defending her people."
I feel like that's the real evidence that Rayne has come to care about them, that she spares them with that lie.

Rayne: "I hope you know I am not foolish enough to believe I will prevail against Kagan.  But I do not intend to stop fighting for a second."
Sebastian/Vladimir: "Nor will we."
I'm not entirely sold on the flip here from Rayne's earlier confident go-it-alone incarnations.

Interesting the recurrent theme of blood ties trumping all -- Katarin betraying Brimstone for her father, Rayne getting that extra surge of energy remembering her mother's murder.

P.S. Have posted another bunch of backdated tv writeups.  (Am not watching Without a Trace right now 'cause the Pats-Colts game was still on when I turned the tv on at 10 -- but am eying GameCenter via nfl.com.)
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