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Without a Trace 5.14 "Primed" [2007-01-21]

And the postgame only lasted 15 minutes. Nice.

As usual, points for the punny title.

What's up with Sam getting lost in the surveillance pictures? We don't even flashback to Sam (do we? it was hard to tell).

Hannah Montana... wallet -- he slept with her already?!

Jack watching Sam walk away... okay, I know I said [5.12] I wanna watch the episodes in which they're together and that their dynamic hits one of my major narrative relationship kinks in a way, but it's totally a trainwreck and they do not need to start up again.

Abby: "I'm a cipher..."
asst: "You're interpreting their tragedies. That's different. That's art."
Hi, I don't think "cipher" is quite the word she wanted. (Okay, I dictionary.com-ed it and it doesn't just mean something cryptic or a riddle or whatever, but also means a nothing entity.)

Abby: "He's not my shrink anymore."
asst: "Since when?"
Abby: "Since I slept with him."

Doc tells Abby she insists on living in those spaces of pain and sadness.

That photo? Abby does really look like her mom; I'm impressed.

Dad says Abby used to draw "fantastically happy pictures" -- "guess we all grow up"

Ian: "We're totally screwed up. He's fine."
Not gonna lie, I assumed a kid put up for adoption (with the bridge as the site of conception). [Of course once we learn about Adam Clark it's clear it's him.]

Danny: "Secrets, they're a bitch."
Martin: "Tell me about it." [meaningful look]

Sam accuses dad of "diddling" his step-daughter
Elena: "Hey, you wanna tell me what that was all about?"
Sam: "No."

I called that Abby's dead -- thus leaving them with the frustration of having a narrative to give Marcia's family but no way to provide justice for them.

Shovel beating and a young girl yelling "Sam, no!" I am mad intrigued. Throughout the episode I was wondering what past trauma Sam has that we haven't already learned about (and was also thinking that not having watched much of the show in early seasons I have very little sense of what trauma Sam has had).

Apparently I have to wait at least 3 weeks (assuming of course that we even find out anything in the next episode -- obligatory reminder that I'm spoilerphobic to the point of avoiding previews). TVGuide.com/listings says next Sunday there's a made-for-tv drama, then the following Sunday of course is the Super Bowl (and postgame slot goes to Criminal Minds this year).

Anyway, I was a big fan of the episode (Danny/Elena aside).
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