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Randomly, I've had Christian songs stuck in my head recently.

It's like the weather is learning how to snow.

This morning it looked like there was snow on the ground, but it could almost have been confused for frost.  A flake or two may have fallen on my way to work.  I looked out my window a couple times during the morning and could see snow flakes falling (around quarter past eleven they were lazily falling -- v. weird).  I left work around twenty past five, and the first flake I saw fall was so random I at first thought it was a piece of lint or something.  As I walked toward the Square the snow increased, though, and I decided what better idea than to walk home in the snow?  I sauntered through Harvard Yard, through Law School campus, coming out on Mass. Ave. by Jarvis Street (Harkness Commons) [map] and when I got to Porter cut through the shopping plaza to come up Elm Street.  I hadn't realized just how close Porter is to Davis when done that way -- we're talking ten minutes from T stop to T stop.

So now I'm pondering doing up a shopping list for Shaw's (peanut butter, french fries, anything else I can think of that I haven't been able to find what I want at the FoodMaster).  I also stopped in at the furniture place right at Porter (Eddie's Furniture).  He said I could get a custom-made coffee table for ~$150.  I honestly don't mind spending that much money, but I worry about when I eventually move since this living room is so big.

Coming up toward Davis, The Caning Shoppe looks like it has Asian style partitions, though probably pricer than I'm inclined to want to pay.  (btw, on my way to Porter I saw unleaded gas for $2.119!)


Today's Metro, page 3: BU students carpooling a taxi or walking instead of paying the outbound fare.  And the residents of the B Line said "Hallelujah."

"Situated on the B line of the Green Line, Boston University’s campus sprawls for more than a mile and a half and encompasses seven T stops. Many students who have always counted on a free ride across the long campus are determined to keep it that way."
If you really do have to walk a mile plus from residence to class, I will sympathize a bit, but if you're going that far, why is paying a couple bucks such a big deal?  (Assuming twenty weekdays in a month, if you get a monthly pass, you're paying less than $1.50 per ride -- assuming you don't get a subsidy from your school -- and surely college students take the trolley/bus elsewheres, so you.)  And if you're only going "a few stops" (A mile and a half divided by seven is a stop every two-tenths of a mile.  You see why I call the B Line the kindergarten line.) why is it such a big deal to just do a bit of walking?


This past Saturday I finally picked up an MFA film schedule for Jan-Feb.
The last couple two-monthers I've not been into (and theatre has almost completely dropped of my radar) but this set I find myself wanting to go to like every movie. -- Korean Film Festival, Russian Fantastik Cinema, etc.

Speaking of planning ahead:
CAUMC Game Night on Friday.  (Layna and anyone else is welcome to come if they wanna meet the CAUMC peoples.)
And then Alyssa's party Friday night and I think I'm going to go play billiards Saturday afternoon (though MFA film is tempting).
I hope to generate the evite for my notVDay party sometime this week.


I've been whinging recently about Nicki being so incredibly perky and energetic, but I've gotta say I appreciate her being non-grudgey and even taking half the blame.  [She's scheduling TGMs and I thought of saying "I'm sure you know already, but of course XYZQABC dates are job talk dates, so they're bad" but instead just gave her availability starting the first full week of February (the decision meeting is Feb. 2).  So of course she scheduled a TGM for one of the flyout dates.  Ah, juggling schedules.  The other flyout schedule issue -- from Friday -- also got resolved today, which was pleasing.]

Also, I got a confirmation e-mail from Tah Lady Wot Does the ID Card Access Activations, which like never happens.  (Usually you e-mail in a request and it gets granted or not but you never hear back either way).
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