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How I Met Your Mother 2.13 "Columns" [2007-01-22]

Some of the gags in this episode seemed too easy -- like Robin's idiotic mistake with the makeup artist (and going on camera like that) -- hey, I never claimed to be able to do the suspension of disbelief thing.

And the gang annoys me when they're so immature, though it's not out of character.

"Who's the boss?"
Barney: "Mona."
Robin: "Angela."

Barney: "Only the greatest thing ever.  Wait, that's not enough build up.  If cancer were cured tomorrow, this would still be the greatest thing to happen all week."

Ted: "Besides, they put a party hat on me.  My authority was compromised."

Lily says the guy is "husky" and Marshall says no, he's "huggable" (and we flash back to the bromance episode :) and "complicated... just enough of a jerk that you think you can fix him."  I'm impressed by his perceptiveness.

They went to Wesleyan? (Lily's shirt.)

Barney: "Yo, why you gotta ruin my riddles?"

Barney: "We knew we could get Marshall because he has shame.  I have none.  Where my shame gland should be, I have a second awesome gland.  True story."

Barney (on how Lily captured Marshall's essence in her painting of him): "Goofy and unburdened of wit."

Love Marshall and Lily playing Barney.
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