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Heroes 1.12 "Godsend" [2007-01-22]

[two weeks later]

newscaster, as Claire and her dad have breakfast: "wrestle with how to remember"
Ah, the irony.

Explosion is Nov. 8, three weeks away.

sword with symbol - Takeo Kensai (sp?) Edit: "Takezo Kensei" (corrected thanks to rewatch) /edit

Simone, on Peter: "I know he believes it, and I believe in him."

Nathan kisses Peter :)

Micah: "Never put the peanut butter in the refrigerator."
I'm with you there, kid.

Hiro: "He said the sword helped him control his power."

Ando: combination of symbols -- "great talent" ... "godsend"
The quirky DNA symbol doesn't look like any combination of kanji to me.  I really hope the writers are in fact correct, though, because it's not like it's integral to anything for the symbol to have a Japanese meaning, so I would be annoyed if the writers just pulled something out of their asses.

Fortunate Mohinder was in India during some of these killings... it almost gives one the impression that Eden let him leave on purpose, though I think a more accurate interpretation is just that she was soft and let him go, trusting in his curiosity to bring him back.

Eden McCain's former name was Sarah Ellis.  I don't think I knew that from her comic.  Fitting that she would have such an anonymous birth name.

Crazy gets you out of the death penalty, babe.  Though I understand Niki not wanting Jessica to get out at all.  I'm getting bored with the Niki et al plot, which makes me sad.

Ando: "Stealing isn't exactly Bushido code."  [[Google/Wiki tells me that's samurai code.  Makes sense.]]
Hiro: "If I don't have my powers, the whole museum explodes anyway.  It's a good deal for them."

"replica courtesy of the Linderman group" -- but of course

Hiro: "I'm gonna have to take it back."
Oh, Hiro.  (And they don't even press charges?!)

Isaac, to Simone: "I'm waiting for the shock to clear so I can tell if you're glad to see me."

Hiro: "Flying Man!"
I heart them all getting together.  (The Linderman connection also comes up several times in this episode.)

Claire: "I don't wanna be alone."

Haitian [on their powers]: "That is God.  Respect it accordingly."
Interesting.  How does he see his work with Mr. Bennet and co. -- i.e., how does it fit into his personal morality?  Also, is that what he meant when he told Claire "You are not alone" -- that God loves her; or was he referring to himself, or to the fact that there are others out there like her fighting the good fight even if she can't contact them?

"Somewhere in the Nevada desert" -- and we see radioactive man again [Ted Sprague]
[Note from later: Obviously this makes Peter's decision to go out to the desert a bad idea.  A few too many of those convenient bad ideas this episode for my taste, btw.  And apparently we are all converging on Las Vegas/Nevada now -- which makes sense since everyone finally converged on NYC except for the Sanders/Hawkins crew.]

Zach: "What are you, auditioning for America's Next Top Model?"
Having seen only a few snippets when I visited Smith Serenity premiere weekend, I actually get that joke.

Interesting, that the first time she was making it to show her birth parents, hoping they could help her understand.  She really does turn to other people (I note this in large part because it's in contrast to my personal tendency to inner-direct).  [Though also interesting -- though very believable -- that she didn't tell Zach the reason the first time.  I continue to be curious as to how they got to be friends the first time around, and suspect we'll never find out, though we'll get allusions to it, like "You made that joke the first time, too."]
And this time... "So I never forget what I am.  No matter what happens."

"This is Claire Bennet.  And as far as you know, this is attempt number one."

Niki: "I need you to be the strong one, because I'm not strong right now."
Micah: "That's not fair."
Good for you, kid.

Interesting idea that some people don't deserve their powers and that's what Mr. Bennet's posse are taking care of.
Mohinder, to Mr. Bennet: "Who are you to judge?  In fact, who are you, period?"

laughing guy in Peter's future!vision...

Nathan: "Let me help you, Peter."
Peter: "You can't."
Nathan: "I'm not leaving you."
Hi, they are Simon and River.  ("Light it"!)

Mrs. Petrelli (to Nathan, re: Peter): "And when I see him, I'm gonna kill him."

Hiro: "Just like Mr. Isaac draw me -- except my face not so round."

laughing guy from Peter's vision: "You can see me!  Nobody sees me!  I'm invisible!"
He must also make whatever he touches invisible or he couldn't be that obvious about his stealing.  (Obviously Peter only goes invisible 'cause of his... whatever we're calling his power.)  Do they also go silent, or do the surrounding people actually hear them?

D.L.: "You're mom's gonna be all right."
Micah: "You'd tell the truth, right?"
And then we get the voiceover line (I would like a transcript of this voiceover, btw -- I imagine it'll be up on tv.com after a while, or I'll rewatch the streaming video -- but I wasn't paying especially close attention, since it was basically variations on a theme: order and chaos and all; and I liked that we only got one voiceover this ep [the opening this time being all "Previously on"] ) about "the terrifying truth" or whatever: "They're here, and the earth thunders underfoot."

P.S. In rewatching bits the next day via nbc.com... how did I neglect to mention that Claire was so very pretty throughout this episode?
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