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It's only Tuesday?

I left my house this morning and there was a definite coating of snow on the ground.  At first I thought the snow in the air was just loose snow blowing, but at least some of it was definitely falling fresh.  Had a beautiful six-pointed star on the lapel of my coat for a while.  ♥

One of the guys on our floor took an extra fifteen minutes walking to work this morning, stopping all the time to take pictures.  ♥


Alyssa and I have been proofing a book our profs are co-writing, and she was thrown by the use of the word "lest" (phrase: "lest you think").  I think it's common.  So,

Poll #912845 lest (you think)

Would you be thrown by the use of the word "lest" (as in "lest you think") in a book?


[Edit: I heart LJ. I post a poll at 9:50pm on a Tuesday night and in the first hour get 13 responses -- all of which agree with me even :) ]


links from today:

A Kitten's Guide to Nigerian Tuna Spam (v. v. funny)

cap of Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion in the film Waitress

today's Dinosaur comic: HAPPY "TELL YOUR BEST FRIEND WHAT TURNS YOU ON" DAY the holiday for people with Not Enough Problems (the syn feed allows you to share with the world if not your best friend)


I caught up on Heroes schtuff today.  (Eric was mysteriously absent, so I didn't get to chat with him about last night's episode.)

Thoughts on comic #12 "Super-heroics"?
"Wireless" is interesting, though that kind of story doesn't ping me.  Adds interesting info to the HRG story.  I disapprove of that silhouette in Part 3, though.  nbc.com's "Wireless" clip won't load on my computer, but athene proffered the YouTube link.  That was what really pulled me in.
#17 "How do you stop an exploding man?" also has some interesting stuff.


When I got on the train at Harvard to come home, there weren't any convenient open poles, so I actually took a seat (something I rarely do).  I'm reading Octavia Butler's Fledgling and apparently got more absorbed in it than I thought 'cause I got off the train and oops, I was at Alewife.  I've actually never been inside Alewife T Station, so that was kinda neat.  If I had a more solid idea as to how to walk home from there I would have just gone out and walked, but there are a bunch of highways around there and I don't really know which direction to go in, so I just got back on the train.


Um, just a little while ago I went to turn on the hot water and nothing came out.  Turn the cold water faucet and water comes out, but nothing when turning the hot water faucet.  Er, note to self: set alarm for early, so if this persists I can take a shower at the HBS gym. [Edit: I did indeed get a hot shower at home the next morning. Yay.]
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