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CSI: Miami 4.09 "Urban Hellraisers" [rerun, 2007-01-25]

Why doesn't Delko call as soon as he's behind cover?

Oh, it's Vice City. ::sighs:: I hate the idea that playing videogames like this makes kids wanna go out and do it for real. The close mirroring to the game seemed particularly over-the-top to me. I was a bit more sold on it later with the idea that they were playing the game in meatspace competitively, but... of course I'm biased in that there's no way my fantasy/reality distinction or my ethics would ever blur enough to make me so blase about killing like that.

Hee, IMDb top-of-the-page user comment says "Worst episode EVER!" (though out of 18 votes it gets a 6.1/10).

The basic plot of a game? Totally not "proprietary." (And tv.com points out that there would be strategy guides -- online if not published.)

Delko: Have you seen Peter Elliott?
Wolfe: Is that the federal guy with the salt-and-pepper hair? Yeah he poked his head in, wanted to get to the Questionable Documents lab.
Delko: And you sent him to the Fingerprints instead, right?
Wolfe: Yeah, of course.

As soon as he said "17 thousand guys" I hoped one of the gamers would turn out to be a woman.

As soon as Peter pulled Calleigh down I called he was gonna die.

Is that fear in the eyes of the kid when Horatio's holding a gun over him?
Horatio: "Your call."
I was hoping for "Game over."

Eric holding the gun ungloved? (Though I guess it's not like they need to tie the gun to the kid with trace evidence.)

kid: "That hurts!"
Horatio: "Real bullets are funny like that, Michael."

See, that part I buy.

You're ok with distributing machine guns to minors mr. photographer punk? Oy. Though it's not necessarily bad writing, just me shaking my head at what humanity is capable of.
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