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CSI 7.13 "Redrum" [2007-01-25]

I'd seen the ads while watching other CBS shows so I was prepared* for the badness (mostly I was thinking about how S5[?] was shift vs. shift and how we really don't need to revisit that dynamic) and watching it play out? hate it like 3-10 times more. I mean, it's very well-written, well-characterized, all of that, it's just that this is not what I'm talking about when I say I enjoy stories that rip my heart out and step on it.
*and also had time for my brain to point out to me that "Redrum"="murder" backwards: pun on the reverse forensics plan.

"Guys like Thomas Simon never get their hands dirty."
Brass: "No, this was a very clean print."

Keppler: "It's not entrapment if we're not enticing anyone to commit a crime."

McKeen: "I'm the under-sheriff. I have one job: make the sheriff look smart. You're not helping."

And then we get Keppler's deadpan "My eggs are runny," and Brass offering him his pancakes.

McKeen: "All I care about is does it work?"
Keppler: "Philly, yes. Baltimore, no."
Catherine: "That why you're in Vegas?"
McKeen: "Fifty-fifty odds. I can live with that."

Keppler: "Ever notice how it's the guys with all the money who never pay?"
Brass: "Yeah, that's how they keep all that money."

Keppler: "You know, Catherine, if we do our job right and catch the bad guy, no one's gonna remember the rest."
me: [scoffs]
Catherine: "I'll remember."

Aww, Sara gets a gift from Grissom. And she marvels at the beauty... and then sighs that there's nothing else (no note or anything).

As soon as we see the tattoo I recognized it from the photograph (duh).

Sara: "Scorpio. Ruled by Pluto. Though now that it's not a planet anymore, I'm not sure how that works."
David: "Maybe it's a 'dwarf' sign -- you know, like Pluto is a 'dwarf planet' now."

Catherine: "I'm not used to faking it."
me: [goes to a sexual connotation place]
Keppler: "When's the last time you had to?"

Keppler: "Stealing gets old fast. I like more of a challenge."
Catherine: "Note to self."

cop: "Yeah, yeah, and I want a threesome with Beyoncé and Scarlett Johansson."

McKeen: "I feel really good about this."
And Brass' deadpan look totally conveys the viewers' (and Catherine's) disgust with the whole thing.

Nick taking charge.
Warrick: "I'll run wit' choo."
Sara: "I'm in."
Greg: [shrugs]

Hee, the I.A. pool (#1: Nick, #2: Hodges, #3: Grissom).

[Simon says he saw on the news that they got the guy for Zamesca's murder.]
Brass: "Well it's good to meet an informed citizen."
We were about ten minutes from the hour and I was beginning to worry this would become a two-parter (worried primarily because I'd spent most of the episode thinking, "I never want to watch this episode again").

McKeen: "Which one of us screwed this up?"
Brass: "I'm looking at him."

McKeen says the D.A.'s a tightass bitch -- "I told her what I thought she needed to know."
me: [facepalms, hard]

Greg: "How did you think we wouldn't figure it out? I mean, it's kind of what we do."

Catherine: "I didn't have a choice."
I hate this. Because she did. I'll concede doing the reverse forensics due to pressure from the undersheriff, but she could have told the team what was going on.

Sara: "If I have something to say to you, Catherine, I'll say it in private."

Catherine: "You are aware that you talk about the killer in the first person?"
Keppler: "Clouds my judgement to identify with the victims. It's our job to get the killers. Guess it helps me to think like them."

Warrick telling Nick "let it go."
It frustrates me that clearly this will become a recurrent issue, because I just want to leave this far far behind. When Nick said, "We trust you with our lives, Catherine. You could have trusted us with this," I thought of "Grave Danger," and it occurred to me that with Grissom out of the picture he's free of all culpability (and I wondered if sigrun was pleased that Catherine's the bad guy -- though of course she'll [Catherine] recover from it).
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