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Okay, I made fruit trifle and am calming. I misplaced my recipe book from my mom (just found it) in the disaster that is my room, but the beauty of fruit trifle is how hard it is to mess up: you're combining a whole bunch of yummy items which taste yummy together. I always manage to burn some of the pudding mix, and it never seems to matter. And I've made it frequently enough recently that I do in fact remember the ingredients (something I'd honestly forgotten the first time I went to make it on my own).

AmyFox has requested that people read her children's books* via phonepost. I endorse this and was going to do The Goodnight Circle by Carolyn Lesser before I left for CAUMC (The Blue Faience Hippopotamus is tragically out of print and I don't have my own copy, so that's only an option when I'm at the parentals'), but LJPhone told me "all circuits are busy," and I just tried again and it said the same thing. What up?
*her exact phrase was "their favorite picture books," though I'm not sure what exactly gets classified as a "picture book;" I suspect my two choices are slightly wordy.

I should head to bed soon -- but I think I still need to be slightly calmer.

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