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Heroes 1.13 "The Fix" [2007-01-29]

::shrugs:: Some important plot/character movement happened, but I just wasn't that into it.

Where does Peter get the idea that "Claude" can control his power? Yes Peter can see him, but no one else can; it's just a quirk of Peter's empath-sponge power.

Claude: "Smarter men than you have tried and paid for it."

Ando: "Swords are for killing. That's why they're sharp."

Nathan: "You yelled at my car."
I love Nathan a lot this episode. As I think I said last week, I'm not invested in the incest debate but think it has become clear that Nathan loves Peter more than anyone/anything else. (Nathan: "I didn't come here to talk about me.")

36 people on the list, huh?

I like the sponge analogy -- "if he absorbs too much, or comes into contact with an unstable entity" explains the post-Sylar-encounter freakout, and gives the writers a plausible way to have Peter retain powers for ambiguous amounts of time.

Claude: "I don't 'keep' anything. I let them out once a day; they come back. Sounds like free will to me."

Claude: "I can kill you right now, solve your exploding problem."



Claire's line about wanting one thing in her life that's real? Hello, Haitian. Yeah, my narrative kinks. (Also, her saying "it's breaking my heart" seems an odd phrase for her.)

Matt: "I can't control this thing."
wife: "You can't or you won't?"

P.S. I didn't note where exactly it comes up this episode, but it pisses me off that Matt thinks the Haitian and co. "did this" to him. Does he not remember he started getting this power before they abducted him? (Mr. Bennet could have had his memory of that removed, but what purpose would that serve?)

Ando: "But I'm not special, and I'm tired of being chased."

Hiro: "Release un-special Ando."

Ando: "You came back for me."
Hiro: "This is how we roll." -- Okay, that was funny, but he said it in Japanese and it's an English slang, so it doesn't quite work for me.

Sylar's dead but not? How'd he fool the doctor?

Hey, a female of color (in a caretaker/healer role, but still; she even lives through the episode, though with her insistence on speaking with "Jessica" I don't have high hopes).

Niki: "The drugs keep her weak; the jacket won't stop her."

Micah: "Fine, you make bad lunch anyway."
And DL gets angry. I wasn't a fan of this since I don't want to dislike him, but by the time he goes to visit Niki I was okay with it because it's him struggling under the pressure of being a single parent.

note: Meredith Gordon: 21 years old with 18-month-old baby

maybe an uncle... "Who knows, one of them might even know who your real father is" - good call, Zach

Nice reveal that the Linderman henchman knows Japanese (though of course I called that). "I work for someone who has true power."

Ando: "First-class?"

Peter: "You're my big brother and you fix everything."

Props to the writers; given how intentionally he was touching Nathan, I totally thought he was gonna bolt and fly. Though okay, that was in fact his plan, Claude had just followed him (hence the hand clamped over mouth).

Claude: "You might want to reconsider dying."

Matt: "We're having a baby?"
I wasn't the only person who wondered if the baby is from the one-time cheat, right?
[Edit: P.S. She's gonna miscarry/die before the baby's far enough along for us to broach the issue of whether Matt can sense its thoughts, right? /edit]

Nicki: "Your shirt; it smells like home."

Mr. Bennet: "Molly in Accounting is married to a marine biologist."
Well-done Claire, doing your manatee research so you can maintain the charade.

Mr. Bennet: "We haven't talked in a while."
16-- 16, 32, 64... yay math (I had sadness re: the bears, though; that's harsh -- especially 'cause I feel like it's not so much organic, as with my grandmother and rocking horse Christmas tree ornaments, but it's her rebelling against him because she's pissed about how he's stolen her life... which is a valid concern, but still.)

Claire: "When I'm 64--"
Mr. Bennet: "I will be there for you."
This kinda breaks my heart, 'cause he does love her so much.

woman: "Is this some kind of a joke?"
Claire: "No, ma'am."
Oh, Claire, and your Southern manners.

Mom has flame power!

Oh, and I didn't actually write anything down about Micah stealing from the ATM, but of course it bears mentioning. I dislike that it's being played as him being a kid almost playing a game rather than the aware and to some degree wise (at least mature?) beyond his years kid we've been seeing. What really grates me is that the same plot could have been done with Mich in-character [well in-character as far as I'm concerned; obviously the writers must think he's in-character] and it just wasn't.
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