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Eric: "What's that HBSP phone number that I'm always losing and that I always call you for?"

I got my regular cavity filled today.  (Root canal is next Wednesday.)  I don't remember the procedure taking this long when I had my first cavity six years ago or whatever.

Early in our conversation, the dentist quipped, "I wrestle with immaturity every day," to which I replied, " 'Wrestle with?'  I had the impression that you wholeheartedly embraced it."  He laughed and kept trying to start sentences and not coming up with anything.  I said, "See, you don't even have a response to that."  He said, "I'm just trying to think of how I can tell this story without blushing," though he then conceded that he's not really a blusher.

Early on he said something about having a good feeling about the work he was gonna do or something and anyway it ended with, totally deadpan, "maybe even working on the right tooth."  "It's a good thing I grew up with a sarcastic family," I said.

At one point he said, "I was really just going for the cheap laugh there," to which I replied, "As opposed to the sophisticated laugh you usually go for?"  He said that was mean-spirited, but I don't think he actually meant it.

[taking a break early in the procedure]
him: "Do you feel anything?"
me: "Where?"
him: "Where I'm working in your mouth."
me: "A little bit of cold, but that's about it."
him: "Any sharp shooting pains?  Anything that would make you want to scream profanities?"
me" "Like I wouldn't have done that already?"

him: "Okay, time to stop talking.  If I say anything horribly inflammatory, you'll just have to hold back."
me: [holds up hand near him with middle finger extended]
him: "Or flip me the bird; that works, too."

him: "Where did you grow up."
me: "Norwood."
him: ["Uh-huh" noises]
me: "Do you actually know where that is, or are you just making noises like you do?"
him: "No, I know exactly where it is.  I bought my car on the AutoMile."
me: "I was waiting for that."
him: "Yeah, I know people from Norwood hate that.  I went to dental school with a girl from Norwood.  [pause]  I lived there for a while."
me: "On the AutoMile?"

him: "You're a young pup, aren't you?"
me: "Uh-huh."
him: "Early 20's, right?"
me: "Uh-huh."
him: "Mid-30's are where it's at."
me: "Okay, I'll try not to die before then."


I got back around lunch time and wasn't up for a real lunch since I couldn't feel one side of my mouth.  I had Eric's potato chips and probably half his mozzarella balls -- mozzarella, basil, and tomato, from the salad bar.  All that was left over of the seminar [near 5pm] was 3 M&M cookies, some tea breads, and a bowl of guac and a bowl of salsa.  Boo.

I still haven't gone to the gym.  Le suck.


"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition" joke!


::loooks at time::  Hey, I can actually go to bed early tonight.  Woot.
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