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"i left her at the epicenter / we were trembling dutifully"

Last time I talked to Terry, part of my update-on-my-life was, "I haven't gotten hit on by anyone since I last saw you."

On my way back from the T today, a guy walked past me and smiled at me or said hi or something and I smiled back like you do, and then after he'd passed me he called "Hey" and asked the time and I was correct in my suspicion that this was a ploy to keep talking.  He did start off with "You're pretty beautiful," and we established that he's Marcus, originally from Georgia, now living in Arlington, and that I'm Elizabeth, living here since June, "up the street" / "Clarendon Hill?" / "Yeah, that area," and that I grew up "in the southern suburbs, near Foxboro."  He said he'd just had to stop and pay me a compliment and then asked, "Are you married?" to which I responded, "No, but I'm seeing someone," at which point he let me go.  I still felt gleeful walking the rest of the way home, though, 'cause I'm easy like that.


When I was at South Station I saw a poster for a free Jewel concert at South Station, Fri. Feb. 9 @ 7pm.  I find this hard to believe and her website is not helpful.

Ari visited today, and of course we primarily talked fannish stuff, and I now feel re-energized to write fic (fandom should of course cater to our whims, but failing that).  I'm not sure what it says that I am much better at remembering the not-very-good fics I've written than I am at remembering the fics I've written that I'm actually proud/fond of.  It is also entertaining which pairings I have actually written more than once.
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