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Layna said "It worries me that you had so much to do when we didn't have classes"

One reason i heart Sara is that she asks about my novel. Now, mostly i’m not a fan of people asking about it, but i like that this girl who doesn’t really know me takes an interest and takes it seriously. However, i haven’t touched my nano in days, so please no one else ask about it.

Took the Romantics exam. Let us never speak of it again.

After i came back i helped Anne with a poetry analysis and missed a Buffy musical escapade with Layna. Then i went to see Kim about my paper. I was really nervous that i was going to have to verbally prove that i really did have a good grasp on all the concepts. I really didn’t have to, though, which was a bit odd. She said she knew i understood the concepts, just had a little trouble showing that in a couple places in the paper. She went over the paper and pointed out various places where i could have organized better or related the concepts to the overall theme better, and i made sure to keep that in mind for the next paper. Every time she came to a part where i didn’t quite fully explain a concept i would open my mouth to attempt more of an explanation and she would do it for me. By the time she finished going over the paper she had convinced herself that i deserved the extra point. Go me? I ended up being in her office for two hours. I love chatting with professors.

“The woman I live with.” That’s such an interesting phrase. It implied “housemate” to me, but could certainly mean “romantic partner I live with” as well. Relationship terms (especially for same-sex romantic relationships) are so weird when you’re a grown-up. I mean, there’s “dating” and more seriously, “seeing someone.” And then you can call someone your “partner” but what about someone you’re not necessarily committed to for life? It sounds so teenager to say boyfriend/girlfriend. “Lover” obviously doesn’t fly in most company, and “beloved” is my personal favorite (“This is my beloved, with whom i am well pleased.”) but it sounds a bit pretentious. And then what about if you’re just platonically sharing an apartment with someone? You’re not roommates (although that’s what Ms. Fisher says). “Housemates” is the most accurate though a bit awkward. I would want to be British and say “flatmate.”

I seem to be plugging Thursday evening group at the YWCA all over the place recently, so let’s go all out here. Two hours of high-energy but generally sweet little kids. Come volunteer and you get pizza and juice. 4:30-6:30. Corner of Myrtle (off of State Street) and King.

Sarah Jones was interesting. Not what i was expecting, but i didn’t really know what to expect. A number of her characters, particularly her early ones, i felt been-there-done-that, but the Vietnamese guy (with the slam poem about what his poem was not) was awesome, and a lot of the ones after that were quite good. I liked the Asian-American ones best, largely because it wasn’t stuff i felt like i’d already heard a million times. And i walked over with these nice girls from Talbot (Christine and Liz). I love random socializing like that. (Oh, and during the Q&A, Sarah did "Your Revolution" -- her "remix" as she called it of Gil Scott Heron's "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised." Yay!)

Yay, the 5 Colleges are getting their act together putting their courses up online. It’s all “Under Construction” right now, but i have hope. I’m still calling the MHC Registrar about Doug’s class tomorrow, though.

I didn’t vote. I never got around to registering last summer, or this summer. I don’t follow politics, though, and didn’t have time this semester to learn about all the stuff i would be voting on anyway. I really should register next summer, though. And i really should educate myself about stuff so then i can vote. I do not think that Republican control of lots of the country is a sign of the Apocalypse because i don’t agree that Republican = evil. This is the extent of my thoughts on all this because, as i said, i = way uninformed about politics/news/issues.

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