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Heroes 1.14 "Distractions" [2007-02-05]

Okay, I'd been seeing stuff on LJ about Nathan being Claire's father, and I consistently thought, "Is that not the most ridiculous idea possible?" And yet that's what they do. ::cries::

Claude's been doing this for 15 years? Nice set up for us anticipating (before Claire reveals it) that that's how Claire survived the fire. [Edit: Oh yeah, Mr. Bennet did have that exposition bit in the episode where we learn some of what he knows about Claire's origins; I'd forgotten about that since the show is so focused on all the powers manifesting recently, but of course some had manifested before.] As soon as her mom showed her she had fire power I wanted Claire to ask her if she'd set the fire. She would assume it had been an accident -- which is entirely possible, like unto Nathan's manifestation causing the car accident -- though it's also possible the mom wanted a fresh start (possibly pressured into it by Nathan? though I don't think he's a killer) and did it on purpose.

Claire: "She's supposed to be dead."
Zach: "So are you. You already have that in common."

Shouldn't the Haitian have only erased the mom's memory back as far as when Sylar first showed up? (Though really I wish he could have left some bit so if she ever encounters him again she'll know not to trust him.) I'm guessing it's just sloppy writing, though, 'cause it's not like the Haitian would have done it to leave some sort of sign for Claire or to prove anything to Zach about the validity of her memory erasure claims or anything.

P.S. I loved Claire's conversation with her mom in the morning about skipping school and "You've always stressed honesty."

Oh, and did the Haitian just go looking for Mr. Bennet or something?

Claude's idea that "Peter can't use his powers without someone holding his hand" actually makes a lot of sense, and especially given the sponge metaphor we got last episode I like the idea of moving from reflex to conscious choice. (Shades of Isaac's transition to being able to paint the future while not under the influence of drugs?) Of course we knew that cutting people out was not gonna be the solution, but I wasn't sure how they were gonna actually do the solution, and I was really pleased with the "I'm not supposed to cut her out at all! I need to remember, how she made me feel" resolution. (I had actually assumed the regeneration was his body reacting at a non-conscious level.)

Oh god, stupid mistaken identity type plotline. I hope that doesn't last very long.

Edited to add notes from other people:

The license plate of Hiro's dad's car was NCC-1701. I didn't register the meaning of that until I saw a post squeeing about it.

mosca has comments on details of the Japanese language usage.
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