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Also, the 2007 multi-fandom incest fic challenge has been rescheduled for February 24.

From sigrun: A Friend of the Family: A Multi-fandom Incest Friending Meme


I can't resist weighing in on The Thing from the most recent episode of Heroes but would rather not comment on everyone's posts, so I'm just making my own post about it, which you are under no obligation to read.

I don't ship Claire/Peter and I don't think this will necessarily stop those who do -- which is part of why I hope TPTB didn't do this in reaction against that (though I wouldn't be all that surprised if they did); the other reason is that I don't like creators doing stuff just because of a certain segment of the fandom (pro or con).

I do think this knowledge would stop the characters from having a romantic-sexual relationship, but I honestly don't think squicking at incest when the characters have grown up not knowing they're blood related makes a whole lot of sense. I'm not gonna argue against gut-level reaction, I just don't think it's all that rationally defensible. Of course, I don't privilege blood in any context.

jennyo said, "And yes, I do still take glee in watching entitled shippers (anyone who calls their couple a Golden Couple and has the most annoying portmanteau name since LoVe is fucking well entitled) get the smackdown. I mean, no, Peter and Claire have cute friendly chemistry. I think making them the one true pairing of the show...shocking, the two cute young white people...is sadly fan-typical, and I salute Kring for recognizing EXACTLY what fandom would do and knocking it off without being a spiteful little bitch."

I didn't even register the pun in "Paire" until I saw that comment likening it to "LoVe." Every time I see it I think of the fruit. However, portmanteaus are vile, period.

Anyway, mosca commented that with this new information, "there's no way to make Peter/Claire a safe, heteronormative teenybopper pairing anymore."

Oh, and while we're on the subject, I don't think the text necessitates that Peter and Nathan are 'cesty (though "Let me help you, Peter." / "You can't." / "I'm not leaving you." in Peter's explodey vision in ep. 12 "Godsend" echoes "Light it" in the Firefly episode "Safe" -- though since we know so little about Peter's visions, it's easily arguable that it says more about how Peter understands Nathan's relationship with him than it says anything objective about the actuality of their relationship). They clearly love each other deeply, and I have no problem with people going to a 'cesty place with it, but I don't think a non 'cesty reading is invalid.

In commenting on "Godsend," musesfool said, "I know the brother shippers are all excited about Nathan kissing Peter, but it's just cultural. The Petrellis are New York Italian-American. There will be a lot of touching and hugging and, yes, kissing, even between the men. It doesn't ping my inappropriate meter at all."


In other news: Parade Magazine photoshoot of Hayden Panettiere (Claire on Heroes) (via rogueslayer452)

Some of the pictures remind me of the SMG Esquire oldskoool pinup style shoot (Wow, that was Dec. '04?)

Also, the wallpaper that uses one of those SMG images plus the CWDP song? I'm a fan.


Also: From "Like father, like son" by Amber Ray (metro, Mon. Feb. 5, p. 10):
     Takei himself pulled a fast one on the "Heroes" crew --- they didn't believe the Japanese-American actor could actually speak Japanese. When he convinced writers otherwise, the script was sent to him --- in English. "They expected me to translate it," Takei says with an incredulous laugh. "So I translated it and did [the scene] and they loved it. And so here I am."
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