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I'm usually annoyed to get e-mails from Time & Space Toys, but this one amused me, despite it being a Valentine's Day promotion. Emphases mine.
Hello TST Shoppers!

Help Our Toys Find Love!

Time & Space Toys! and Buffy Collector Club!

February is Valentine's month, the month of Sweethearts & Couples! In a true coupling of sweethearts, like a pair of soulmates, the two become one. This month leading up to Valentines Day, we are presenting our "2 Becomes 1 Valentine Couple Sale" It's a 'mix and match' figure coupling sale where you get to select your couple, and get both for the price of one!

You select 2 action figures/dolls/figurines/busts of characters that in their proper context represent romantic couples. Examples are:

Justice League: Batman & Wonder Woman
Buffy: Buffy & Angel
Buffy: Buffy & Spike
Buffy Spike & Anya
Angel: Wesley & Fred
Angel Angel & Darla
Buffy: Wesley & Cordelia
Buffy: Cordelia & Xander
Buffy: Xander & Anya
Buffy: Willow & Tara
Buffy: Willow & Oz
Galactica: Starbuck & Apollo
Stargate SG-1: O'Neill & Carter
Peanuts: Linus & Sally
Peanuts: Peppermint Patty & Marcy
Munsters: Herman & Lilly
Rudolph: Rudolph & Clarice
Rudolph: Santa & Mrs. Claus
Peter Cottontail: Peter & Donna

Add both items to your shopping cart and checkout with the special code 2BECOMES1 in the "comments" field and we will manually remove the cost of the lower price item in the couple. YOU GET ONE FREE! You may also add more couples to the same cart, we will apply the same deal to each one. NOTE: the code 2BECOMES1 must be entered in the "comments" field where we can read it, not the usual coupon field. Our staff will be manually adjusting the total to reflect the discount because our yahoo store software is not capable of recognizing the romantic connection between our characters! You're on your own to find and pair the couples, just be sure that the characters they represent a "romantic relationship". Feel free to "stretch" the definition of "romantic relationship" and support it with an explanation in the comments if necessary!

In some cases you might find the couple already paired together (Peter Cottontail & Donna; Willow & Tara 2-pack; LOST Figure Set). In that case just choose it and add the code, and we will manually adjust the price of that item to half price! If your couple is part of a multi-pack of 3 or 4, don't worry about the 3rd wheels, you'll still get the half price on the full set if there is a couple in there somewhere.

Both halves of the couples must be "in-stock" now and ready to ship. This offer does not apply to pre-order items. Offer is good from February 9 through February 14, 2007.

Not only will you save a lot of money with the 2 for 1 aspect, but it's a lot of fun to search around the store and put together your couples!

In other news: Faust?!
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