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Heroes 1.15 "Run!" [2007-02-12]

Meredith: "It wasn't an accident. Some people were out to get me."
Oh yeah. When I was speculating last week I totally forgot about that. ::feels foolish::

Nathan: "I assumed you were dead."
There goes the idea that Meredith was jetting around on Nathan's hush money.


"bodyguard" "private security"

Micah: "I just feel like we're supposed to be fighting crime or something."
With the added irony that we then find out Jessica is playing hitman for Linderman.

Ando: "Fine. You find out how to get to Mr. Linderman's office. I'll find hope."

Zane Taylor

Ando: "He hit her. She can't go back."

Ando: "It's a sign."
Hiro: "It's a coincidence."

Ando: "Why is it that every time you want to do something it's our destiny [...]"
He's got a point.

Hiro: "Stop saying the things I say to you."

Ando: "All this time I've trusted you. [...]"

Zane: "Dr. Suresh?"
And it's Sylar. Who's clearly surprised at being identified as Suresh, so it's not that he's stalking Suresh to get to people before him; this does beg the question of how he found him. I know in earlier episodes people mentioned newspaper clippings etc., but this kid just manifested; Suresh has access to the Human Genome Project (which I'm willing to accept as a handwavy explanation for how he's tracked down all these people) but Slyar doesn't have any insider info like that. I imagine this is is just something I'm supposed to go along with, which I'm okay with, just mildly irritated by the super-coincidental nature of it all.
[Edit: Graphic novel Chapter 20 "Road Kill" explains this to my satisfaction. I'd forgotten about Sylar's history with the Sureshes. /edit]

Nathan holding the baseball reminded me of Sisko 'cause of scrollgirl :) "I cared about Meredith once. I owe her more than a phone call."
If we hadn't already seen how deeply Nathan cares about Peter I would feel like this was the show heavyhandedly trying to make me think he's a nice guy despite all I've seen before, but I'm willing to go along with the idea that he really does have a good heart underneath and really would get sucked into caring (which actually helps to explain why he cultivates such distance).
mom: "You're a glorified sperm donor. Don't get emotionally attached. [...] Wire the money to Texas, focus on the people who really matter."

Claire's dad (responding to her "You're not my real father"): "No, I'm not, but I'm as close as you've got, so you'll stay home at night."
And of course this spurs her desire to meet her "real" father. I was more focused on the fact that hello, he clearly hasn't learned from Homecoming that grounding doesn't work.

As soon as Hope asked them to do something for her I called that she was playing them. Though I was annoyed that the "hero" is proven right and the "mundane" is proven wrong, because I dislike the formula that getting superpowers makes you always right too.

Hope: "Thanks for the help, Sulu."
So we get our Sulu reference.

Oh, and I'm not sure how I feel about Ando's willingness to believe that Hiro would abandon him, especially coupled as it is with "feminine wiles."

"Fourth one over, third one back."

When Jessica tricked Matt into leaving I thought, "sucks, Jessica'll get away and he'll look like a fool, again." I wasn't expecting her to come back and attack him.

The shot of his landing I realized must have been what sigrun mentioned being in the previews and suspected it was a fakeout. [Yeah, I avoid previews 'cause they tend to be spoilertastic -- though sometimes crazy misleading, which doesn't really make it better -- and I'm spoilerphobic.]

Him keeping the diamonds... totally makes sense but I'm still saddened to see him go morally grey like that, which is weird 'cause I'm usually pro- moral grey and situational ethics and stuff.

"$50,000, and you're entitled to half."
Now we are clearly not supposed to like Meredith (though even without that, I hate that she bails on Claire).

Abrahan Maslow: the peak experience
I'm not familiar with that, but hello Hierarchy of Needs. I'm surprised Mohinder doesn't recognize the name at all.

Don't drive a nice car like that in a trailer park, Nathan.

Good on Claire staying. I'm a little surprised she didn't bust in, but obviously she's feeling rejected by everyone.

It hadn't actually clicked for me how scary it would be for Sylar to have that power until I actually saw him use it.
Props to him for thinking to swab the real Zane's mouth.
The possibility of him helping Mohinder find the others? Creepy.

When Claire first came home and Mr. Muggles was yapping I flashed to the end of "I Was Made to Love You" (the episode immediately preceding "The Body") but of course it's more painful if we get a slow decline -- and I was reminded of Joyce's moments of not recognizing Dawn.

voiceover: "To survive in this world, we hold close to those people on whom we depend. [...] Where do we go when things we depend on vanish before our eyes? [...] All we can do is run."
But where to? I feel this is an important question.
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