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NCIS 4.15 "Friends and Lovers" [2007-02-13]

(Originally titled "Burn Out," which I don't understand at all.)

knives, clogs, maggots....

McGee?: "Well I've gotta tell him something, Abs."
Abby: "Tell him you love him, McGee.  Works for me."
Gibbs: "Not always."

[I am crap at telling people apart, hence throughout this I'll be unclear as to whether someone was Tony or McGee.]

Gibbs to Abby, after she recites some chemical names: "Friends of yours, Elf Lord?"

"pure poison" -- oh yeah, White Oleander

I dislike the senior autopsy guy's superiority attitude -- much prefer Doc Robbins (CSI).

Jeanne expressing appreciation at a guy "who doesn't even lie about the little things."

"mental ward" bracelet?  Clearly I am missing some information about their first meeting.

Ziva's accent is Israeli?
I'm suddenly so much more interested in her backstory.

Ziva: "Why would fish be in a barrel?"
(Me: "Because they're dead.  That's the joke.  Okay, mostly the joke is that they're in such close quarters that it's impossible to miss.  But still.")

Ziva: "Why haven't you breasted them?"
McGee?: "She means busted."

poison... terrorists... women...
"explain why my last ex-wife spent so much time in the kitchen"
Last ex-wife?  How many does Gibbs have?  (Okay, some skimming of wiki gave me sufficient information.)

"sir -- Special... Agent... Gibbs."
What's Gibbs' resistance to being called "sir"?

Hee, Michelle Lee is from Harvard Law School

Lee: "He's right, Director"
Director: "He usually is.  That's what makes him so damn irritating."  And then she gets this wolfish grin, like she is mad sexually attracted to him, which kinda weirds me out.

Tony?: "Boss using the office as an elevator again?  Had to take the stairs."

Detective: "I won't make that mistake again,"
Gibbs: "Not getting a warrant, or not killing the bastard?"

Gibbs getting Abby a giant soda with a fuzzy "I love you" heart on the straw.

Tony (on marrying Jeanne): "I can't live a lie."
I had had the impression that he was at least initially involved with her as part of some covert operation, but wiki does not bear me out on that.  So what's the deal?

And yeah, I'm totally like, "You do not need to give up your Playboys just because you're in a committed monogamous relationship."  I mean, I get it, but it's just not how my sexual boundaries function.  (I am, however, disturbed that they're doing this on surveillance duty 'cause hi, don't the monitors need your prime attention?)

I don't quite get what happened with the blonde girl that she refused to go back inside the club ("I'll never make it out of there alive") but um okay.

Why do you send a photo of you two being happy together attached to an e-mail finally accepting the breakup?  And there was totally ominous music like we were supposed to recognize the guy.  As I've said, I'm crap at differentiating males, so my only guess is that it was now-dead John.

I love Abby being so hard on herself.
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