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"(Some scientists say) That Pluto is a 'trans-Neptunian interloper' swept away by an unknown force"

I did some minor work on the Course Platform for one of FormerUnitHead's doctoral classes and he used the phrase "super-fantastic."  I also tweaked the citations 'cause the inconsistencies were making me twitchy.  I asked him, "Is there a citation format that you... use?" and he good-naturedly replied, "Are you implying that I might be a little inconsistent?"  I admitted that no one else was ever gonna care (though I told Alyssa and she shared my pain, as I knew she would) and he did say, "I'm sorry it bothers you."  He also said he would offer to drive me to the T but he was going in the opposite direction and had to get his daughter to her piano lesson (he'd taken her car 'cause she had no school and her car has four-wheel-drive).

Around 2:30 this afternoon our tech commented that it looked like it was turning to rain and said, "Rain is good, right?"  I very much disagreed, pointing out that it would freeze overnight.  What I had not considered was the mass of puddles it would cause, which was in fact the bane of my commute home.  (It was really windy when we left the building, but that quickly dissipated, and the rain was basically mist.)  I went by CAUMC and there were lights on inside but the door was locked, so rather than ring the bell I opted out of the possibility that bible study was happening and continued on my way home to check out my stairs.  By the time I got home the the bottoms of my pants were frozen.  That was interesting.

The stairs were moderately clear, but I'm not sure whether that was due to any shoveling effort or just the rain.  The shovel we have on the porch has a weird bend in it which I'm sure is some ergonomic thing, but I don't know how to use it, so it makes me feel incompetent and weak.  However, I got the stairs fairly well cleared off.

We are on to the second bag of de-icing crystals, and I noted it was already opened and was about half-full of a solid hunk of crystal.  Le sigh.  I had to do some grocery shopping anyway, and FoodMaster was of course out of de-icing stuff.  Hopefully tomorrow morning won't be too treacherous.

Damn, I forgot to look for Dramamine.  (I didn't see any at Brooks yesterday.)  Also, I hear the new AXM came out today.  Must pick that up at some point.

Wow, that was more weather-related content than you probably ever needed.

In other news, this post made me all sappy.

And yes, I committed porn.

Work tomorrow and then root canal commences a 4-day weekend.  Weirdness.
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